November 24, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Ogunniyi Abayomi



hills and dust of promises



I stand before you my fellow mountain
beneath the cloud;
speaking consciousness to the thick
sprout of the grasses in the wind
of deceit.


covering the shallow of thy ocean,
the deep waters of tears for the
clustered pieces of unknown blood.


the rain screaming for their reward
in the water of uncertainty,
our soil are stranded by seed of
doubt in the root of rusted values.


standing before you are the feet of
the desire for mischief,
the plant wither by the vane of
empty promises.


Our morning are scared of the
uncertainty of our night,
oh stones, how beautiful are
the gathering of the dead
across your cave.


empty fleet of crumbling promises
across the waves and fables of
the lips.
preaching to deceive the soul
to the weather and drive of
their greed.


the dream of the mountains to
move away the boundaries,
the valley to heal our drought
on the field and meadow of


our moment of comfort,
looking to the miles ahead
to the narrow path of
our truth will heal our plant
and we will grow to live in
abundance of our land.







wanderers at the hill of freedom



Journey beneath the sphere of
the universe,
Walking solitude of the just
at the magnitude of the sun
for the rain of comfort.


Moving wave of the mind
clustered to the drought
and dust of attention.


Moist for crumbs at the
running lips of thorns
to feed,
killing veins to sin at
the cave of deceit.


sweats and slavery of
building empire of
deceit by the whip of
cruelty and hardship.


roaring blood of the
survival at the bounds
of their feet,
silent art of misery
painting the dreams of
hope for the reality of


Diverse breed separated
at the borders of unity,
fighting borders across
the mountain at the
justification of morality
for hatred.


Silence, the voice of the
dead over the mountains,
the tears of the birds for
the rust of the dead across
the valley.


Miles are the crying cage,
seeking the tongue to set
the path free from the
beams of ignorance.


Songs in the cast of time,
the story of knowledge at
the appraisal of the truth.
Redeeming our present from
the woes of the past.








Ogunniyi Abayomi

I was born in 1991 in the city of Lagos, Nigeria where I today reside. My love for poetry is very strong whereby I consider it a page of my life. I am aspiring to create positive values as a poet to my world.

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  1. rhea alidon November 29, at 14:07

    Well done Poet...your Poetry is deep and worth reading. Keep on penning with passion! -erah oalind


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