November 26, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Anindita Bose



Flowing Love


Not terrorism, it is mere

killing of fears instilled in the

hearts of those human bombs


now busted bombs and none is

alive to witness their pains


since whoever made them is

sleeping in a furnace of

irrational intellectual dilemmas.


Like tsunami they come in

breaks of years to remind us

how futile life is,


a shame on our own existence

that humans kill humans since


never did I hear terror attacks

in animal worlds unless in a

response to food cycle.


So let us then declare ourselves

barbaric and never again


sing songs of civilised men crafted

out of human evolution through



by nurturing intelligence and



Somewhere on a tiny paper boat in

the middle of war field, a few words

scribbled with blood:


no war

no terror

only flowing love.












A single moment

can change everything

and then begins a new



were your ideals true

or are those real which

now show reflections of

others’ words?


You decided to feel

happy by following your

dreams but now since

a new event has evolved


you walk in your

mind to decide whether

past, present and future

intermingle or not.








Anindita Bose

Born and brought up in Kolkata, I am inspired by the zeal of my city of joy. I have an interest in psychology which I believe has connected me closely to universal ideas and human emotions. I love words and the ‘art of poetry’. I cannot believe in what I see but in what I feel from within.


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