November 27, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Samrat Dey



Damnation Candy



She left thrice, returned thrice;

Before a final goodbye into her former,

Between which she enquired about breakfast, lunch, dinner, job and family

She sent thumbnails, cards, promises and problems.

She moved ahead.

She gave sermons about wedding, tears of the former, fire of the former.

All I could was kiss, her, then my tears,

And make my vow after two weeks of flashbacks,

That became vultures on my love corpse.

But I kept the gifts and so did she.

Till they broke, by themselves;

On journeys beyond state borders.











Deep in the forest I met her

I don’t remember if I drank from the murky waters and if it’s slowly killing me

The fascination was nature’s law

The killing was law of bourgeoisie

Prone to invasion and conquest the brittle heart opened its seal again only to see warnings, again


Don’t look into her eyes

When men are done with religion, politics, land, property and banners;

And even if you make it to victory with her;

She will take out a dagger someday, but you will feel the pain only when it’s pulled out, invisible, from your wires.

And then comes drought.


Pray for rains to erase the smudge off the street.









Samrat Dey

Samrat Dey is currently an Editor and Faculty of Media Science at iLEAD. He also dabbles with guitar and songwriting. A B.SC Major in Mass Communication and Videography from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and a Master in Communication from Christ University, Bangalore, he has worked with The Telegraph, Explocity Pvt Ltd, Times Internet Limited in various profiles that revolve around reporting, editing, information and data management. He also received the Aspire Award from The Times Group.


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