December 7, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Aanandika Sood






I listen to their sound as they fly above me
in the sky that my apartment building owns
Listening hard for the noise of one that will bring you over a distance of about 3000 kms


It is strange how we became friends over shared journeys
Some on which I brought you along
And others on which you took me with you
Permission was not sought, granted or denied


I smile at a certain memory here and
At a shared anecdote there as I look at the lights of the aeroplane
That seem to mock at me


As yet another flight has taken off some 3000 kms away and landed here
Closer to me
But you have chosen not to take it
In that you have also chosen to stay afar, at a distance
That I am unable scale
Unable to reason with
So that it would let me be with you


In that you have chosen to go back to being a stranger
And as has been between us
Permission was not sought, granted or denied







I see you



I see

The efforts that you put in

Achieving balance

As you try to walk a thin pagdandi

I see

The concentration on your face

As you try to ensure that the colour does not go out

Beyond the boundaries

Of the picture that you paint

I see

The joy in your eyes

When you hand me a book

That you have just scribbled your name in

I see

The headway that you have made

When you approach girls in this new school

Without looking back at me

I see

The pleasure on your face

When you run ahead of your class mates and get a hug from your new teacher

I see You

Making rejuvenated efforts

Taking your turn

Finding your pace

Setting your rhythm



I see your trembling hands

Those which gradually become confident

To take longs sweeps on the swing

I see your thin legs

Carrying you fast, when you hear me coming from behind to grab you

I see your eyes shining

With the knowledge of sweets in papa’s pocket

When Papa is returning from a trip

I see you nodding your head

To stay awake, shake away sleep

Waiting for him to give you more sweets

I see

You grow up a bit

Every day

And how you double my joy

I see you and I marvel

That you are a source of joy, pain and pleasure

All at once.







Aanandika Sood

Aanandika Sood is a freelance writer. Dreamer to the core, aquarius by sun sign and mummy by profession.


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