December 17, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Lindri Riveras



Monsanto at -34.603722, latitude -58.381592 longitude



I will rain down on you

Because you are beneath me:

brown skin


from a third world I’ve never seen


I will rain down on you

make you believe that I am your subsistence,


I will rain down on your laws

flapping in the wind,


I will rain down on your houses,

your schools,

your towns

I will erase the lines of decency


I will rain down on your truth

I will twist it and turn it

until you dowse your neighbor in my poison


I will rain down on your perfection

and fix what does not need to be fixed

in the name of progress

and feed my own fat cow

while you choke on your grass


I will rain down on your



diseases and trash heaps


I will look the other way

because you are beneath me,

brown skin,


from a third world that I’ve never seen

and I have convinced you

that you need me

to rain down on you.




*Based on a publication from ‘Waking Times’, posted by Sustainable Human: How Monsanto Destroyed Rural Argentina

Header photo credit: Natacha Pisarenko/AP





Lindri Riveras 

Lindri Riveras lives on a beautiful lake in Washington State with her husband and two rescue dogs. Lindri had traveled extensively throughout Latin America and is bi-lingugual in English and Spanish. She has taught ESL to immigrants and refugees from Latin America, Vietnam, Eritrea and Somalia at home and abroad. Lindri is the founder and owner of Gallipot All Natural, Handcrafted Skincare, a small, local company founded on the idea of sustainability and simplicity.


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