December 29, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Sheena Pillai Singh



Wandering Thoughts



Looking back fondly

those days which flew by;

When the world was asleep,

When no one else mattered

but you and me..

I know you are near

at my arm’s length,

I wish you could see

how much I miss

your being there for me

I remember the day you said

how happy I made you
and you really meant it…

I miss the old you…

The old me;
and the old “Us”

who could talk

for hours,

never run out of topics,

the laughter,

the reviews,

your calling up

just to say “hi”

when time stood still,
when in each other’s words

seemed to be the only space

we wanted to be..








Once in a lifetime

Each one of us

Need a Pseudonym,

For identifying

Our encircling freedom

Of expression,


For Loving without


For Bringing out

That Inner child in us,

Without being judged….

For expressing

Our inner fears

Hidden behind

Wet and glossy masks….

To love and get lost

Within ourselves,

Seeking innate peace…

Enlightening our minds,

Vanishing boundaries…

Picking up Pearls

Of wisdom and faith

Tuned In Perfect rhythm,

With our souls..

Once in a lifetime

Each one of us

Love being invisible,

Just to strike the chords

Of heart and soul

Sync with those

Finer moments of life …







Sheena Pillai Singh

I am an Engineer by Profession,working in New Delhi, India. I am drawn to good music and poetry, writing since my college days.

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  1. A July 19, at 18:54

    It conveys a genuine desire to recapture the happiness and closeness that once existed. your poem effectively conveys a sense of longing and nostalgia, evoking emotions of missing someone deeply.


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