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January 4, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Sattar Rind

There now appears to be no doubt that the supporting forces behind ISIS were none but those dragging this world with full strength toward World War III, and are in turn leading the world to destruction for no apparent reason.

Every man and woman in the street is worried, each day thinking and analyzing the world’s political activity, at the same time observing something extraordinarily dangerous expanding in every direction. They are either right or wrong, but people are paying great attention to the ongoing world situation or believing and visualizing a threat with great tension as to where this situation will end.

It is no longer a secret that Russia was fully prepared before deciding to intervene in Syria with full might that, if due to its intervention, war would break out, then Russia would be ready to strike back with force and power.

Anyone must therefore be sure about such a thing and have no doubt as it will be a mistake for any country that may otherwise be viewing this. Russia will not hesitate to crush any move if anyone dares to come before it. Putin has already given such orders to the Russian army that they must be more vigilant and act ruthlessly to any possible threat.

The Russian Defense Minister, along with top Russian Generals, has announced in a stunning press conference providing evidence to the world’s press that Turkey is buying illegal oil and selling it on the black market to support ISIS. They also declared that they will fight against any forces in Syria and will continue hitting the oil smuggling route that goes from ISIS controlled areas to Turkey. This oil smuggling is estimated to be worth $2 million each day.

Such confirmation has also been presented in the G20 meeting by the Russian President on November 15th at Antalya, Turkey before all G-20 member country heads and other representatives present. In addition to this, President Putin also briefed the press following the meeting.

The same things were repeated by the Defense Minster of Russia, also revealing satellite videos and pictorial proof.

Conversely, the Russian President has been talking to the media informing them that they are very much capable of fighting anyone and that its army is fully equipped with the skill and techniques to use warheads when necessary. However he termed the use of nuclear weapons as an insane act, at the same time not denying categorically that Russia will not use these dangerous weapons if necessary. This of course is a very serious announcement.

This therefore is a fact and needs no discussion that Russia knows very well which time will be crucial or when Russia should have to strike to avoid defeat and survive against the enemy. The same thinking and planning however could not be assumed differently from the US/NATO and their allied forces.

In the current situation people are observing the worst scenario in the Middle East. However no one is able to predict anything about the next step, what it will be and how at least serenity may return from this confusing and extremely chaotic situation; from loaded guns back to diplomatic talks.

In this prevailing state even an unintentional mistake from either side could enflame the world.

Russia have demonstrably leveled allegations against the President of Turkey Erdogan and his family’s involvement in the smuggling of oil and in return providing weapons, training and patronizing ISIS terrorists to kill innocent people in Iraq and Syria.

Somehow this has also been accepted by the ‘Tony Blair Faith Foundation’ in its report, arguing that more than 60% of groups fighting against the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad’s government are terrorists and are more sympathetic toward Daesh/ISIS. Likewise it is impossible to distinguish between moderate Syrian rebels from ISIS terrorists.

This is an open confession. The fighting groups in the name of moderate rebellion have lost their moral justification to be supported by US/NATO allied forces. In this respect Turkey’s supportive actions to the rebellions is lost on ethical grounds. In other words, Turkey is supporting ISIS in the name of moderate rebellions; what the media is terming a ‘fuelling Jihad’.

Accordingly Turkey and the oil rich Arab countries may turn to rationality and saving peace as the world is on the brink of world war, which if ensued will leave nothing behind but dust.

It does however appear that Turkey is on another path of destruction, effectively an illusion of the past, and unable to judge the provisions of the post–post modern period following 28th September when the Russian President announced with full intent in the 70th UN General Assembly that they are back to playing a role in world politics.

Even Putin has condemned the UN’s international role stating that he does not want to leave the UN, but that they must revisit as they have made a very unfair decision to topple legal governments generating a power vacuum, in turn allowing terrorists the opportunity to rule. He has specifically given the example of Libya and raised the question of what is going on in Libya now?

Thus the US altered its policy with President Obama’s claims a few months earlier in vain that Russia would suffer great isolation as Foreign Secretary John Kerry recently visited Russia and met with the president and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov. Later he announced without a preconditional demand that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad should step down to continue talks on the issue. He only emphasized on the diplomatic talks for the solving of the current danger in Syria.

Now the US may go further to play a positive role to stop Turkey, in particular to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), that they may practice such a role to the benfit of the world, everyone knowing that Bashar Al-Assad is a nonentity in a sense, but that Russia is leading Syria under the command of a very egotistical President Putin.

Repeating the history of Afghanistan will not work. The dynamics of the time have changed. That is why the US Foreign Secretary visited Russia and preferred to solve the Syrian issue through talks. This will create a confidence to the feared world and its appreciation by the President Obama administration. Besides, it has also been proved that the unilateral superpower is not giving anything good to this world, the US failing to manage its unilateral power – a single superpower.

It could be observed from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Iraq, Libya, Tunisia or throughout the Middle East. We would see the same damaging result. The US may have to re-check its hyper attitude demonstrated before the world for 25 years as a unilateral superpower.








Sattar Rind

Sattar Rind lives in Sindh, Pakistan. and is an Author with four books to his credit. three poetry and one on politics. As a Columnist he has written for a number of newspapers and magazines since 1991. Sattar can be contacted at the following email address: [email protected]


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