January 5, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Oki Kehinde Julius



I WILL REPORT 2015 TO 2016



Our soul danced gallantly to the melody of the bomb blast, When Shekarau and his juju band, bangs the drum of insurgency with bias.

Glittering skin burnt into ashes, while handing them over to the ghost.

Chibok Queens, hope of returning had been flatterd since they were eloped.

Our heart pondered when ballot papers want to change the aso-rock Chief Priest, Fake prophecies scared our boldness, of how our land will be flooded with blood.

Tales of true lies narrating how ethnic war will defeat our peace, All sent into the cave of avail, locked up by our God.

Brooms swept away the umbrella of a corrupted saint, Since the rain of corruption had henceforth become a taboo on our soil, Power was swallowed by the dragon of change, Speaking to its cabinet legs, rendering them null and void.

Our naira fell down from high pinnacle of value, Paralyzing our economy standing stagnant like a statue.

Kobo folded its alms watching its best friend being murdered.

By looters who hate the tales of “one naira equates one dollar”

Oil depot becomes an early morning primary school assembly, Where customers straighten up a line, before oil fed their container which were hungry.

Century of naira and its half now birth a litre of petrol, In a land where ocean of oil spring, sprang and flow.

Electricity! our respectable agent of darkness, In your weekness the dusky angel overshadowed our earth.

Thou whose past glory, made us neglet our lamp, With its dividence provoking modern technology to vogue on our land.

Shallow ground swallowed great men,

Stinging them to death, honouring not the celeb.

In his rudeness, He took away the crown from “Oni Of Ife”

Respecting not the staff of office, in the hand of”Ogoga Of Ikere”

I will openly report 2015 to 2016,

Of how her predecessor had written for us a bad history.

My eye shall  reveal for her the movie my sight had glanced, During thick and thin, when smiling was making me frank.

I will advise 2016, to learn from the fallen of his predecessor, And to neglet the step she path, that made her falled.

Never to walk on its foot path that spew evil, And on its legacy, where insurgency send souls to heaven.

I will charge 2015 to the court of law,

To face the crime, why she has made our solace become a discomfort.

There she shall be sentenced to the prison of life extinction, Where choruses of liberty to welcome a new year shall be sung.







Oki Kehinde Julius

Oki Kehinde Julius is a prolific Writer, Poet and Novelist. He hails from Okitipupa, in Ondo state of Nigeria. He is a Christian by faith and currently an undergraduate engineering student. He is a renowed and a spoken word poet, with a difference.

Okilux, by poetic name, is a renowed and talented writer who has won laurels in both spoken word slam and written context. He won “The most Influencial Best Poet of The Year 2015” in a competition organised by THE PARAGON POETRY CONTEXT and was inducted into the “Community Of Thought And Society” in 2015 where he is currently the “WriterII of the league.”

Numerous articles, poetry and fictional stories have been published by this illustrious pen holder in both local and international magazines. He is currently working on his first book with many other manuscripts begging for publication.


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