Uganda’s President Museveni hits back at Trump

January 7, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Gloria Nakiyimba

Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, now on a campaign trail seeking a fourth term, has hit back at US Republican Candidate Donald Trump over a statement he reportedly made that he would throw him in jail.

Speaking at the conclusion of his campaign tour in south western Uganda, Museveni said Mr. Trump should stick to American politics and leave Uganda out of it.

The US business mogul renown for not mincing his words is quoted in an online magazine saying;

“I want to reiterate here before America’s greatest heroes that I will not condone any dictatorial tendencies exhibited by dictators around the world especially the two old men from Zimbabwe and Uganda.”

“Mugabe and Museveni must be put on notice that their days are numbered and that I am going to arrest them and lock them in prison. If the past American administrations have failed to stop these two despots, I will personally do it” said Trump.

Mr Trump is reported to have made the remarks while addressing war veterans in Washington this week.

When asked by journalists his take on Donald Trump’s comments, this is what President Museveni had to say:

“I have not heard about Trump. And what Trump says is none of my business. I think Mr. Trump has got enough work to do in the US.”

Referring to the rampant shooting of civilians by gunmen in the States, Mr. Museveni sarcastically offered to help Trump return to peace in the US.

“People are dying, being killed by guns and so on; you see what’s happening there. Maybe I could give him some advice on how to have peace in the USA” the president said.

The president noted that Donald Trump did not have any moral authority to talk about Uganda.

“I didn’t even know what Trump says about Uganda. He has no credentials to talk about Uganda. He has no authority. He has got enough work in the US” he averred.

President Museveni of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) has been combing the Kigezi sub region for votes ahead of the February 2016 presidential elections.

Mr. Museveni came to power in 1986 after winning a five year guerilla war and has been in power since. He is facing stiff competition from his closest challenger Dr. Warren Kizza Besigye of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change.

A new entrant on the Ugandan political scene, former Prime Minister and erstwhile close ally to the president, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi is also giving him a tough run for his money in the ongoing campaigns.







Gloria Nakiyimba

Gloria has experience spanning more than five years in Journalism, particularly in field reporting, editing, newscasting and management. She is currently working with Capital Radio Limited [91.3 Capital FM and 96.3 Beat FM] as Head of News, a position she has held since 2010.

Gloria previously worked as the Kampala Correspondent for Radio France International [RFI] generating local story leads with international inference for RFI’s global audience. She also served as Political Editor for The Weekly Mail Newspaper as well as Online Content Editor for the California based Ugandan broadcaster


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