January 8, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Ken Allan Dronsfield




(Requiem for the Abused)



“Those voices glaring,

forever blaring

to the meek and mild,

man, woman or child.

Tears on the cheek;

from the strong or the weak.


A dead eye stare,

will never share;

that happiness evading,

a life’s essence fading.

Drifting off the track;

the leather belt snaps;

a crack then a slap.


And the voices glaring to the meek

or mild, all the shattered lives

left bleeding and reviled.

Pushing through the veil,

hear hollow voices wail.

Echoing from above;

absent home without love.


The scars heal for sure;

the innocent heart still pure.

Lest the lonely waif sings,

his song of peaceful things.

But voices continue glaring

to the meek and mild craving

the zest for escape on

a blackened Raven’s Wing.”









“I think I wrote a poem; the words, it seemed, were right.

I juiced the truth; and worked it through expecting sheer delight.

Questioning the length, I thought, perhaps a bit too long for some.

But the Masters wrote extended lines, so I thought, “that’s really dumb”.


The subject, one of interest I felt, a truly inspired verse.

But alas the numbers tell the tale, making me retch and curse.

It seems my poetry failed that day, a belly flop into the icy bay.

But never to quit, this love of words, I’ll start another today.


Sitting by the fire, rhyming words under candlelight.

A subject I’ll need, be it lost love or perhaps chaotic fright.

I guide the quill and ink doth flow, petting the cat by the fires glow.

And know in my heart, shorter pieces I’ll pen, and leave the longs to Poe.”







Ken Allan Dronsfield

Ken Allan Dronsfield is a Published Poet originally from Hampton New Hampshire, now residing in Oklahoma. He has been writing for many years but has only recently begun seeking publication of his work, these appearing in a number of print venues. He enjoys writing, hiking, playing guitar and time with his cats Merlin and Willa.


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