January 14, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan



Where are these gods?



Where are these gods,

gods my parents inherited from their ancestors when savors from gabbages are fed on, fought on to be devoured by their households?


Where are these gods,

those one to whom we see daily

sitting and standing in their shrines joblessly yet demands for things we who loit around with legs and eyes dare not?


Where are these gods,

that had turned our tears

into nothing but joy springing out of a hungry lad’s face leaving us alone to visit tables filled with crumbs?


Where are the gods,

whose mouths are opened while

some closed

yet my fathers and mothers said they speak.


Whose eyes are opened 24/7

yet do not see

when evil befell out land,

where were they?


Where were they?

When motherland became cursed

fatherland lifting on his head their


with children chorusing behind songs

sand of sonorous deadly voices

ruptured by vultures when they see a fall?


Where were they

when things that had once suit us

had now been forgotten

like it happened for decades

rather last night we still bought

one plastic of garri for N10 today we struggled to get one derica for N70?


I was told they speak and see

so let me send them this

to give reply quickly

before we use their dolls in kindling fires to sell bean-cakes tomorrow.











On this solfa made of teary foams

there i lay

face glued to the sounds of the door

that i may see you when you come.

On this solfa made with teary foams

i wait patiently for you my love

to wrap you under the warmth of tender intimacy.

if maybe you will come back

and pick from where we stopped.








Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan

I am Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan a.k.a. Enistik: a Writer, Poet and Novelist from Nigeria. I am a lover of art thus venture into poetry to heal the wounded minds, feed the hungered souls and quench the thirst for change. My quest is to preach around the world change via my pen.


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