January 19, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Pijush Kanti Deb




My Changed Lifestyle



It must be a good day for me

when my earthly compulsion blesses me

and suddenly a keen discernment

is added to my lifestyle

collocating itself with up-to-date sagacity and black magic

resulting in a sea-change in the texture

of my heart and soul

and within a moment my humiliated honesty

and propriety are exiled out of my doors

and left unheard and uncared in the ditch,

the tough hills and deserts –

painful to my limbs to cross over,

hide themselves in to the depth of my good-luck

replacing their gap with a vast and smooth plain in my domain

and even under my office table too

and my pocket which was too weak to bear

the sweet burden of friendship and other relationships

now can even welcome the oceans and mountains

to play the game of ‘’give and take’’

with my hilariousness.






My Free Attitude



I had clean hands and smiling face

yet my beloved belongings-

my dearest and nearest,

denied my cordial beckoning for living together

and left me alone tearful and humiliated

but made me compelled to stand

in front of my own mirror

and in no time the culprits were found hidden

in my favorite attitude and hence all were banished

to my underarm as quickly as possible.


Oh my God! What a magic it was!

Only one touch and within a moment

my blank pages were filled up

with my unheard epic

as my own people-

sad, disturbed, angry and envious

owing to my free attitude

started their reverse marching

towards my lonely domain

dancing and singing

making my eyes closed

to feel heart and soul

my ever-longing delight of togetherness

yet I could witness

the smiling faces, the appreciating lips and the helping hands –

cooperative for nurturing my new born happiness

and my compromised heart

which made a good deal of buying

hundreds of charismatic worlds

in exchange for only one –

the world of my free attitude.








Pijush Kanti Deb

Pijush Kanti Deb is a new Indian poet with around 300 published or accepted poems and haiku in approximately 100 editions of national and international magazines and journals, print and online, such as ;Down in the Dirt’, ‘Tajmahal Review’, ‘Pennine Ink’, ‘Hollow Publishing’, ‘Creativica Magazine’, ‘Muse India’, ‘Teeth Dream Magazine’, ‘Hermes Poetry Journal’, ‘Madusa’s Kitchen’ ,’Grey Borders’, ‘Dead Snakes’, ‘Dagda Publishing’, ‘Blognostic’, ‘Black Mirror Magazine’, ‘Dissident Voice Journal’ , ‘Indiana Voice Journal’, ‘Aji Magazine’, ‘Calliope Magazine’, ‘Leaves of Ink Magazine’ and many more.

His best achievement so far is the publication of his first poetry collection,’Beneath The Shadow Of A White Pigeon’ published by Hollow Publishing and available on AMAZON.


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