January 20, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Onawale Femi Simeon



Mother’s love in the days of my awaited dreams



When my fate was unknown and unpredictable

And didn’t know how less or much a fortune life has in store for me


Neither do I know: Wine or Vinegar

does life’s jar contain


When my hands were still shaky unsure of what to write on the paper of kismet

When reality is yet to behold my destiny

And people: to exclaim of my greatness or horrified at my misfortune


When my weak hands were yet to fight and win wars of glory

And was young, looking at so large a world: asking “where do I go?”


And wasn’t sure to what path I tread: to doom or glory

And wouldn’t know if the palm of my hands bear for me blessings or curse


When my tomorrow was just a black and white TV yet to get a clear signal

And no one around me would bank on it


Or a prophet would say- you have a bright future

And wasn’t sure if of all the inhabitants of the earth, the creator hears my prayers


My black mother wouldn’t throw me away, nor would she forsake me

She was the only light that guided my path


The only one that got my back

The only solace from my harsh reality


And my all, in sorrow and in pain







The cracked moon



I sat all by myself

Among thorns and flowers


Mother earth sleeping and pacific

Showered in the blissful and graceful


Fluorescent of the moon

High above and proud


Brightly shines in her youthfulness

The never ageing mistress


Majestic in her declination

Flamboyant in her Royal grandeur


Mastering the ceremony of the night

Ruling in the assemblage of the stars


Motionless in her librations

The song of my cradle


I gently voice unto her

And lovingly, her face cracked into a smile.







Onawale Femi Simeon

Onawale Femi Simeon is a Nigerian writer with an unquenchable passion for short fiction and poetry.


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