January 20, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Sunil Sharma



The beggar girl and the solitary bird



The bird

Singing in the

Alcove of a

Solid bank building

In the morning hours of a

Manic Monday,

In south of Mumbai

Is seen nor heard by anyone,

But the

Strains of the

Feathered tiny visitor

To the mega polis

Are registered By a wandering

Beggar girl

Hoping for few alms

From a merciless commercial district;

Looking up,

The street child sees

The mynna

Sitting solitary

And singing

On the sill,


Cheered up

By this sight,

The famished


With brown matted hair,

Round eyes

And barefoot,

Waves back at

The homeless bird,

The way you do

To a buddy

Encased in a picture-frame window,

Across the busy street.







Sunil Sharma

An English teacher with more than 23 years of degree-college teaching experience that includes administrative one (as vice-principal and now as full-fledged principal); freelance journalist with 15 years experience writing for the supplements of the Times of India, Mumbai, India and a widely-published bi-lingual writer, poet, novelist, interviewer, blogger, reviewer and literary editor.


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