February 1, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Ojo Blessing




(For Late Dad)



The last meeting was
Scheduled for dusk by you
I concur!
Why the sudden change
For dawn?


My phone beeped not
For your message
No messenger to call
My attention to the new decision


I would have nudged my way
To the arena before your arrival
Open the windows of my head
And close them at your departure
It is so heartbreaking
Knowing you culminated the last
Meeting with your last gasp







Ojo Blessing

Ojo Omeiza Blessing is a self-published author from Nigeria with a novel entitled ‘Cry of an Orphan’ in his name. Some of his woven words have surfaced in Tuck Magazine and lunaris review. He writes prose, poetry and drama and enjoys conversing with literary minded people.

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  1. CHRIS OHAMS February 01, at 22:20

    Nice one... Keep it up! There's beauty in rhyming words. Work on that aspect.


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