February 8, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Geosi Gyasi






We should each be reborn

Into a new world where life

Outlives its existence——

Where death repents as birth

Where man can live as woman

As the world roars with bleating pain

Can bear no more the silence of wait

Of each day when the day metamorphoses

Into a new phase into a new baby

Then the cry of the womb

Alas, unleash to the world this pain this drain

This dirt, this blood, pours out of the way

Cleanses our sins and make us anew

Behold! this new birth

Bears the burden of tomorrow

As memories of yesterday

Fade into the dark












It begins with a positive thought

     Where I aim to bring the monkey closer to the human being

As I ready to tutor it through the ambiance of speech

      Though muddled in a pool of insanity

It’s a therapy of showing love

      Through the heart’s untamed appetency for animals

As a habitué of the deep forests, I live under the shade of trees

      Under my tutelage, the monkey learns the alphabets of life

I sit under the cheerful trees of the forest

      Where the monkey sits beside me like a fellow human being

And emulates perfectly well whatever I do

      Why does the monkey breed a sense of profound love?

I could partially understand God

      Were he to be a human creature on earth

He would possibly fall in love with his own creation







Geosi Gyasi

Geosi Gyasi is a book blogger, reader, writer and interviewer. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Visual Verse, Verse-Virtual, Piker Press, Misty Review, Silver Birch, Linden Avenue, Brittle Paper, Expound, Episteme and elsewhere. He is a reader for the U.S based literary magazine, Indianola and the author of the forthcoming book of interviews (2016) from Lamar University Press Books in Texas, U.S. He is the winner of the 2015 Ake/Air France Prize for Prose. He blogs at http://www.geosireads.wordpress.com


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