February 11, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Samuel Ayoade






you have come with a honey comb

that descends from the Oduduwa forests

like the cane sugar of the Niger basin

this feeling sweetens my living

like the honey of Israel


you present to me a lively rose

which colour and petals blossom

like the lilies by the limpopo

seeking my mandate again

this feeling is a living being


like liquor, this honey gets me high

from your wine, I am drinking to stupor

the latter end of bitterness is sweetness but I have chewed this kola over and over leaving me sorrowful till morning .

my honeycomb, you are my pride

but let me, my fears make known

will this sweet be sweet ever more?

will this way never be crooked?

won’t it end as an acridness of gall?












the day that saw us apart

did a great harm to humanity

for the sun stood still

mourning the rupture of our love distill.

the year that called us together

was like the review of eden

and like eternity in preview

wheo we tied our knot of love

and suspended it on the wings of comets

that year saw the coming of eternity

for the earth made two revolutions that year until now that we a-part.



the name that glosses the lips

with the ointments from Romeo’s parcel

any-wherever you are

remember me

in whatever you do

I love you.


my heart still wanders.








Samuel Ayoade

Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen) is an Oyo-based actor, singer and writer, born on the 27th of March, 1995. He has been published on various poetry blogs and featured in the BLACK COMMUNION POETRY ANTHOLOGY by Wale Owoade. He has several christian movies and musical tracks to his credit. He is the founder of Chrysolite Writerz Team. A Nigerian, a scientist but artistic in heart.

He blogs at: chrysolitewriterz.wordpress.com and samuelamazing.indonesiaz.com


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