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Rod Roldan-Roldan



The Last Fallen Leaves

II Love


Love – thou art Veiled

A few – behold thee –

Smile – and alter – and prattle – and die

Bliss – were an Oddity – without thee

Nicknamed by God –


Emily Dickinson (in Love – thou art high –)




The voice of my heart denies

The reason of my mind

And my eyes refusing discipline

Light up a single word




When my fingers

Are unable to reach your lips

When my ears

Are unable to describe the sound of your words

When my eyes

Are unable to seize the light of your look

Love is named pain


All these feelings

Dragging on my heart

Burning my soul

Scaring my mind

Resumed in a single word



Put away your mask

Delete your make-up

Overcome your fear

Show me love


Why are you so far away

And so close your skin?

Why is your voice a joke

And a truth your eyes?

Why are words an easy game

And love a painful call?



Let me lay my dream on your smile

Let me fly into the sky of your hope

Let me grasp the color of your words

Let me pick up the flowers of your silence

Let me be for a second the madness of your desire



Sweet sin of my dream

Come down to me

I shall fly to the land of love

With fear away from me


Where have you been

Shadow of desire

I rode through the night

Without drinking your smell

Please come

I´m still wild


Let your lips

Climb my lingam

Let your tongue

Be the tide of my sperm

Enter the Word upon my soul


Here is my Body

Lick him

Suck him

Let him enter yours

Enjoy him before the sunset

For life is short and the answer unknown


Such a long time without tasting your skin

Such a long time without reading your mind

Such a long time without testing your heart


And when your tongue creates

Among drops and grass

The roads to my body

Up to my lingam´s heights

Picturing the perfume of my sperm

I coagulate the taste o life

Beyond the instant


Don´t wait for an answer

When my fingers are unable to connect your skin

Don´t expect tenderness

When flesh doesn´t catch fire

Don´t knock on my heart

When you seize your feelings


Gone time of love

When my body was free

When yours was free

When bodies were available

Before fear made them just a long distance voice

Closing the century


Lonesome night

I feel your mouth over there

And on my belly your hair

But it´s just a short flight

Before my right hand plays love

With the remaining of desire

To fill the empty side




Make me spring up

Oh angel of identity

Within my name

Beyond eternity


Under the moonlight

Like a holy animal waiting for you

With my heights up to heaven

To fulfill your desire


Tomorrow is already turning over the page of your face

And yet today I´m still painting the killing of love

And yesterday is becoming the whiteness of emptiness


Not even a stolen kiss

Not even a frozen dream

Just the naked night

Including your absence

Excluding love


I shall be there

In the endless land of Words

Picking up the flowers of desire

In the silence of your eyes

Crossing the landscape of your body


Round trip love

First leg

Champagne dream caviar

Second leg

Some drops of gall in emptiness


And yet beloved love

Waiting without hoping

Searching the tune of roots

Before destination



One way trip

No luggage but light dust fever

And some coins of memory


And yet imperial love

Lightening the fire of universe

Banishing lies

Springing up the Verb


It must be love

Such a trembling skin

Such a flying heart

The pregnant word

And the silence of the loser

Naming that strange feeling

That must be love


Love under silence

Crowed and wet

Wearing the desperate song

Of the lonesome rider

Searching out his own voice


Come on

Tell me the legend of the wind

When it blows up your heart

Too heavy for flying

Too light for staying


So take my hand

And taste the smell of my flight

Far away from the Termite´s land

Riding among angels and shine

The carnal words


Kiss me through my words

Touch me through my look

I shall drink the breath of your eyes

And rest for the rest of my passion


Stop asking what you know

Don´t you see love dazzling?

Stop asking for time

Don´t you see life running away?

Oh bring me roses and wine

And step into my heart before dawn



Lonesome knight-errant

On the dazzle road

Offer you the unreachable land of the words

When love has no name


Oh love

Love that glitters

Over passion or light

Among gods

In the endless sky of the lost desires

Listen to my heart

Opening the gate of the abyss


Should I die gathering words

Should I lie to my truth

Should I cry my transgression

Please post my love

Before the end of my term


Go ahead

Tell me I cannot

Say it is forbidden

I want the knife of live on my throat



Oh Lord

The world fills me

And yet I am empty

Please give me silence


So far so close

So deep so cold

Oh autumn wind

Sweeping away the remaining feelings

Like the last fallen leaves

While the whistle blows

In the last station of my heart


(From the book Inidentity/2001)







Forgotten Hours

(Last Love Poems)


Come lie with me my love

Love lie with me


And have enough of making love

And let our two selves speak

All night under the cypress tree

Lawrence Ferlinghetti (in Come lie with me and be my love)




Be my guest

put your face on my heart

Leave your thirst on my chest

Close your eyes

And fly into the kingdom

O desire


Less than an image

More than a shade

Just a mirage

Hustling to fade


Silence is burning your voice

Feelings under dust

Painful game to play

Please be mad

Take my hand before dark


Wild shadow of your soul

Distant shore of your lips

Dropping silence

Or words in the mist

While the wind of desire blows up your heart


Come on sweet liar

Dare before leaving

Life is nothing but a short dream

Time is already ringing

And soon will toll the bells

Let the joy be

Touch me


Open your heart

For life is short

Don´t be too hard

A fear named Time is pressing me

Don´t let me misunderstood

While the sun is still shining


(From the book O Deslizar das Horas/2009)








Rod Roldan-Roldan

R.Roldan-Roldan (or David Haize). Brazilian author. Born in Spain. Grew up in Morocco. French education. Lives in Brazil. Ten years stuck in a city-state for being stateless. Cosmopolitan. Internationalist. Militant. Libertarian. Hedonistic. “Cursed writer”. He gave up his job (manager for a corporation) in order to write and he has known hunger. 31 published books (novels, short stories, theatre, poetry, epistolary). Writes social, politics and cinema articles for a newspaper. His literature is surrealist and focuses on identity, sex, exile, metalanguage, silence, existential search for meaning and fury of living. He loves art. One philosopher: Nietzsche. One poet: Rimbaud. One novelist: Stendhal. One playwright: Euripides. One movies director: Visconti. One film: Il Gattopardo. One actress: Vanessa Redgrave. One actor: Javier Bardem. One singer: Léo Ferré. One composer: Beethoven. One painter: Hieronymus Bosch. One folklore: russian. One city: Paris. One culture: french.

His books (not all of them) can be found on www.authorcentral.amazon.com

His blog: www.davidhaize.wordpress.com  

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  1. J.Campos February 13, at 03:07

    Roldan-Roldan é um escritor talentoso. Há muita beleza e humanidade em seus textos.


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