February 12, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Hussain Ahmed



Seeking Free Dorm



You knew,

That Africa is a large cow

With a horn and a tail

And that

Her udder gave milk that cured ailments

A miracle

Veiled by the fame of the pyramid

Of Egypt

The horns of Africa, bulldozed unseen hurdles

The tail,

Shook off blue winged flies

A tail of beauty,

Where women are born with the breath of pureed fruits

A land where impossibilities are the thought of the dead


You’ve waited all your life for this moment

When your green mango will be ripened by sun

And fall off the cuffs of its stalk

When you’ll be free to grow wild but useful

Like the pink pelargonium in the abandoned


That sweetened the air

When the grown men visit at night

To undo their grumbling stomachs

You want to go far from home

To a place of wonders

Like Freetown, where you thought


Will be free







Hussain Ahmed

Hussain Ahmed is a Nigerian, a lover of arts and a welder of words. His poems are published or forthcoming in African Writer, The Kalahari Review, Praxis magazine and elsewhere.


  1. obini Nnamdi February 12, at 13:07

    Am greatly touched by the poem....praising and eulogising Africa our great continent.Keep it up very soon the world will hear about you.


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