February 16, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Brian Horner



New Age Transfusion



A digital transfusion

has overrun the senses

flooded Time, innocent Time

set fire to the mind


Transformed organic into synthetic

Replaced vein for wire

Traded organ for circuit

Substituted blood for liquefied electricity

Switched bone for silver conduit


Freedom itself is altered

Changed systematically

into myriad programs of control

Metacognitive processes

shot down, corrupted


These ancient files

permanently erased








Where Vision is Drawn



The Form, built up in

the center of Vision

Let us plasticate our reality

so it cracks easily with

the pleasures of time

Dead in Fake Life and

Alive in Plastic Death


Skip languidly and

awkwardly to the next

propped up vision

A new carbon copied

maniacal mystery


The Eye is unmoved by Reality


It prefers to lie with the

Harlot of Shadow








Brian Horner

Brian Horner is an elementary school teacher in Naperville, Illinois and also the founder of Kid Innovation College, which offers academic enrichment education for students in the surrounding areas.  He writes a range of material including poetry, children’s fiction, children’s nonfiction, screenplays, and has work appearing in upcoming issues of Forth magazine.  He also enjoys playing soccer, grilling out, and eating Spaghettios at least 5 days a week.