What If?

February 18, 2016 Fiction , POETRY / FICTION


Adoboe Selorm


I can’t even look at myself in this beautiful mirror on the wall.

Am scared of the definition the mirror might give me.

But wait, people always say I look good and beautiful so why am I scared?

Why? Will the mirror describe me differently from the definition of the world?

No no noo!! I guess there is something wrong with me and I need to address it before I present myself cos even though I know I look good, my conscience won’t just allow me to.

Am just scared of the man I might see in the mirror cos this mirror can confidentially play my background to reveal who I am.

The mirror am talking about is the mirror of judgement and this mirror will play our backgrounds when we drop from life and fall back to where we belong.

As you read this, you smile but I just want to let you know that the future looks bright but tomorrow is never promised.





Me in Me



I am the one in the background today but I once had a dream and my obsession was all for my dream. I’ve been too long to reach my goals and I have been disabled on many occasions when I slipped and fell but if you could check my records, you would see that I was not this way all my life.

Now the skies have turned red and what was right has become wrong and everything I try to hold on to, sinks down.

I know sometimes I was selfish and I went the extra mile but God is now everything that I pray for as I make these efforts to run away from this life of mine.

Am not accepted for who I was and what am trying to be now has become like foolishness in the eyes of men.

I don’t want to let anyone down but am being held down and my light seems to be fading as the days go by.

Am bleeding myself hard to escape now but I can’t unless God shows me how. I want God to help me so I dont get my life wasted. I don’t know what else to do cos I feel far away but I only pray for Him to breath His life on me.

Look at my devastation, look at my sorrow and suffering.

Please tell God to help me and that was His last word as He walked away.

Inspired by the cry of a mad man.






Adoboe Selorm

My name is Adoboe Selorm, a level 200 student studying economics and geography in the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.


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