February 19, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Ogana D. Okpah






Mrs Petra sieved a grain of wheat

Set up a fire and boiled in an earthen pot

by the time, we were praying

in the household field – stationary dolls.


A grain of wheat and an ear of corn

Suddenly, fills the pots – arching

Mrs Petra is called for Jehovah,

we wondered if there was a black Jesus


if we were to think of God’s skin colour in the radar

a pink blue woman by heart,

dreadlocking city corners, down its split


This city is a prown city, that hatch

crocodiles in a close rim. The rivermaid

is lost in seasonal stream;

her miracles are a thing of the flesh?

she presses her arm


Again and host a breed of flies

Closed in a petri dish, to clone

Made us close our eyes in prayer

miracle fell upon us from the loosed

We were indeed besiege

As when christ, fed the crowd of thousands,

she may press on in a reality TV show,

to feed us now, of millions?


Mrs Petra is a miracle worker

So the congregation said







Ogana D. Okpah

Ogana D. Okpah is a 22 year old Nigerian who is obsessed with writing and the Arts in general. He has been published with Grey Sparrow Journal, Synchronised Chaos, Asvamegh Journal and others.


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