The Garbage Revolution

February 19, 2016 ART/PHOTOGRAPHY


Cecilia Sandroni

With The Garbage Revolution Rodolfo Lacquaniti presents himself to the public with the language of total art: installations, video-art, painting, performance, music, photography, words, gestures, live arts and poetry.

The artist’s thought moves from the energetic loss that afflicts contemporary civilization: “the energy package donated to us at birth becomes thinner and thinner, constraining contemporary man to live in “small rooms”.



Rodolfo Lacquaniti moves in re-utilizing objects, scraps and garbage that he reassembles to become universal art.



The artist presents The Garbage Revolution as: “H202 Last Generation Mutants have assembled themselves among the scraps of the mountain. They are the metropolitan scare, the urban wrinkle of the rebel garbage dump. They have emotions, they explore unexplored worlds, unpredictable confrontations. They register the state of war among human beings and their world, the collapse of resources, the endless growth, the pollution, the technological revolution, the indispensable dependance form the natural world, the insatiable greediness, the continuous accelerations. They look for connections with humans, energy exchange, exploration of form, light, the metamorphosis, the constellations, the sound of rain. They have just started the Voyage for Return, a voyage towards energy.”


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The Garbage Revolution is a project that wants to intensify the experience already made among different artistic disciplines and contemporary forms of expression. The objective is to create a dialogue between art and visitors from different countries, by exchanging in different ways within a cultural space. Art interacts with the territory and the community and produces models for social changes.




Besides promoting an artistic production far away form market strategies, the intent is to inspire in a way that is brought to the community. This is needed to stimulate thoughts, debates, promote different forms of collaboration, welcome new visions and find original ideas.


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The Garbage Revolution is the revolution of a society made of nearly a hundred H202 mutants. Each one has a personal code that registers circumstances, meetings, relations and influences that each scrap has had with the artist and the world that generated him.


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The grey naked jar on the Tennessee hill that Stevens Wallace described in 1919, has now become an enormous mountain that every day recomposes itself menacing us as in the memorable description that Italo Calvino gives us in the City of Leonia of the book “Invisible Cities”.


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Contemporary art historian Paolo Campiglio writes: “I’m fascinated by The Garbage Revolution and by these characters because they are antique and modern at the same time. They are also part of us, in the sense that they keep inside themselves our history: they reproduce those objects that we have owned for a certain period of our lives and then we have rejected as waste, thousands of everyday items that we reject and we no longer see. Then they come back and overwhelm us. The characters are part of our personal history but at the same time they remind us of Baroque, they emoby the whole art history of the twentieth century: Picasso, a world that we thought forgotten and instead comes back to us with a magic force.


You must be the change you want to see in the world - mahatma ghandi


foto R.L. Graphic design Andrea Soldini3



Rodolfo Lacquaniti’s credits:


  • Degree in Architecture at the University of Florence (1974/1980)

  • Curator and artist project “One Hundred Artists for Sarajevo” Patronage UNESCO, President of the Republic, the European Community, Tuscany Region, City of Florence. Palazzo Vecchio hall of the Five Hundred.

  • Creator of the Garden “Viaggio di ritorno”, installations of environmental art, exhibition of 40,000 square meters. Series of museum spaces, installations, paintings and video art. Maremma Tuscany.

  • Meetings designed for educational gardens Artist Region Tuscany, Province of Grosseto by Barbara Campaner and Magheri Martino, under the supervision of Anna Mazzanti historian Milan Polytechnic. Mediation as a performative act: for the schools of the Tuscany Region. The sites chosen were: Tarot Garden of Niki de Saint Phalle, Danil Spoerri Garden, Garden of Paoul Fuchs and Garden Return Trip Rodolfo Lacquaniti. (2009-2010-2011)

  • Leopard movie in New York realizes documentary “Garden Return Trip” • (2011)

  • Permanent exhibition of the work environment “Whale No. 2” c / o Road Contemporary, Castiglione della Pescaia.

  • Film “The Story of Sonia” by Lorenzo Guerrieri, made the Garden Return Trip to which is assigned a Los Angeles Movie Award for Best Production Design. (2012)

  • The Garbage Project Revolution 22-26 / 01/2014 Stazione Leopolda in Florence, Pitti Immagine, Region Tuscany, Province of Grosseto.

  • The American PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), one of the most prestigious in the world turns a television documentary called “The Garden of Dreams.” November 2014-

  • The prestigious American Universities Flagler College Saint Augustine Florida and the ‘University of North Florida Department of Art and Design, following a traineeship “Activities performing at the Garden Return Trip” Maggio2014 / 2015 / confirmed for May 2016





Cecilia Sandroni

Cecilia Sandroni is an expert of international relations in communication. Her skills range from film to photography with a passion for human rights. Independent, creative, concrete, she has collaborated with major Italian and foreign institutions for the realization of cultural and civil projects.


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