Litmus test for Modi government in India

February 22, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Ratnesh Dwivedi

Ram Mandir Movement, JNU student Protest, Extreme Nationalism, Jat Reservation, Criticism by Opposition and many more……………………

The Modi government in India is facing multiple heats in one go. The BJP which came in power under Narendra Modi’s ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikass‘ slogan with thumping majority last year is on a decisive turn as how to face such challenges on the home front.

One year of the Modi government has been like a clean sweep where he established Brand India on the global front with his multiple foreign visits, but the last two to three months are showing as problematic for the Narendra Modi led BJP government.

The party’s hard-liners support extreme Hindu Nationalism which supports the idea of building a Ram Temple at a site in Ayodhya. Modi somehow managed to calm down these segments within the party. Then came the opposition’s criticism on his multiple foreign visits, but Modi’s work on global policies shut them up. Now most recently, some students shouted slogans which were supporting a terrorist who was hanged in an act of terrorism for masterminding the attack on the Indian Parliament by the previous government and some slogans were in support of Kashmir’s liberation which all governments in India think isan integral part of the Union of India, while some were anti India. The Modi government was cracking down on such forces that Jat agitation in neighbouring districts close to Delhi’s border became violent.

Ruling a big nation like India has never been an easy task and that is where states and centre manage in amalgam to rule this large nation over the past 70 years. But when states start opposing, and when there is no favourable government in states the task becomes uneasy.

It is true that the growing popularity of Narendra Modi is not liked by many in opposition and within the party as well. Nothing is wrong with the current government but if one has to face multiple issues as such and is intentionally targeted, it becomes difficult to answer so many questions.







Ratnesh Dwivedi

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  1. U Atreya Sarma March 08, at 15:17

    The unrest created in the country over the past few months is deliberate and orchestrated.


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