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Adoboe Selorm



Saying No to Failure



You see me broke but am just running to catch up with my chase.

If I don’t get it today, I will get it tomorrow, double fold.

You will see me come from nothing to something more than all of my imperfections combined.

The fact that I never made it yesterday does not mean I have been impaired to fight today.

Not seeing my ambition come to my dreams does not also mean that I will never dream again.

Life is always full of opportunities for those who are willing and ready to take the battle to another level.

Your dream is your dream. No one can understand your dreams like you do so don’t give up soo soon.

Get up and dont lose faith in your dreams cos your dream is for you and that is why no one else will understand it like you do.

You don’t quit what you are doing because everyone else says it is difficult.

You quit because it is of no interest to you and it is of no benefit to society.

All I will tell you is; wake up and keep moving awake.

Keep that smile on your face and don’t let it pull you down.

Failure is never the inability to do something.

Failure is when you give up your dreams and hopes because you think you cannot move on.

Recondition your mind and take the giant step.

No dream is too small and no goal is too big.

Life is tough but not beyond your abilities so don’t allow the forces of life to weigh you down.

Limit your fears and be courageous for you are alive for a reason, a reason to get that dream you have been working for.

See you in the land of success.







Adoboe Selorm

My name is Adoboe Selorm, a level 200 student studying economics and geography in the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.


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