February 29, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Abienekpen Osaletin Augustine



Love in Dream



I Just returned from an odyssey

Through the falopian tube of Love.

I was not alone, you were by my side

Beaming with laughter and happiness.


I saw a different person

Radiating in you like a december moon

You were gentle like morning dew

Precipitating on me and soaking my soul more with love.


We played side by side (love birds)

Whispering sweet words to each other.

We sang Love songs you the leader

while I hummed sweetly along.


We sang the songs

Melodiously and sonoriously with happiness.

You chuckled slightly when I whispered

something to your ear


My heart ignited with Love when you reciprocated.

I scribbled something on your palm

The thing only you understood.


I looked at your lips

My soul glowed for a kiss

As I drew towards you

To taste from your juicy lips


I woke up in the hard surface

Of my unwelcomed bed.

It was a dream.


I wrote this poem to you

Hoping that oneday

That dream will screen live

In reality.








Undying Love



Is our Love a reality or a mirage?

Will it end in futility or in marriage?

Let work on it to increase its quality

Else it will wane like a gentleman rage.


Our Love is never meant to die

Let not drive it against its destiny

But let make it the best amidst the penury

Like the kind of Love people would pray to have even in the holy city.


You are my love and priceless jewel

You are my life, my soul and my hope

For with you my bright tomorrow is sure

Because you were sent to me for above.


Let mount up the wings of our Love

And fly above the sky

For we will forever be one soul and heart, indivisible.


My Love for you is unquenchable

my unruliest feeling for you is unstoppable my love for you is unquantifiable

My undefatigable feeling for you is indelible.


You are by Love

the reason of my existence.









Abienekpen Osaletin Augustine

Abienekpen Augustine is an African writer who has undying Love for poetry and short stories. His works have appeared in allpoetry, Gnosis Magazine, Uromi Diocese Magazine, CWAN Literary Magazine, Anthology and elsewhere.


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