March 11, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Ed Bremson



Drowning in time




the unseen river


into which we fall

and rush along


till we can’t keep

our heads above water


finally going under

one last time


sinking to the bottom

remaining there


while the river flows on

and on







Thank You, Constance Garnett



I remember the first time I read

“Notes From Underground,” how it

spoke to me as nothing else ever had;

how I felt suddenly connected with

a kindred spirit; how Dostoevsky

gave words to feelings I had never

before been able to express; how I

hung on the significance of every

phrase; how he seemed to understand

me, and I understand him; how he

taught me to laugh, to cry, to beat

the wall, but only in the Constance

Garnett translation.








Ed Bremson

Ed Bremson is an Award-Winning Haiku Poet, Haiga Artist, and author of the #1 best-selling haibun / haiku ebook ‘Birds Don’t Write Poetry‘. He has an MFA in Creative Writing. In 2011 he wrote more than a hundred poems. His chapbook ‘Regrets: ten prose poems‘ was published by www.poetrysecret.com. He won the award for most liked haiku of December 2011 in the Collaborative Photo-Haiku Project. His poem “Pascal’s Advice” was published as part of the Montreal Prize contest. He had several haiku, haiga, and poems published in online journals. He published several ebooks, including two ebooks of haiku by Vietnamese poet Vy Vo.


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