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March 15, 2016 ART/PHOTOGRAPHY

tom hackett & julian woodcock-100 yard stare

Tom Hackett & Julian Woodcock ‘100 yard stare’


Sara Lerota

Following the success of the Art Language Location festival ALL2015, there are high expectations for ALL2016 and the festival committee hopes not only to reach but to exceed them too!

As always, ALL´s primary goal is to bring high quality, experimental, text-related work to Cambridge. The Festival was designed to enrich our lives with prime examples of innovative contemporary art while expanding on the art scene, enabling new collaborations, providing artists with new opportunities and wider horizons. Preparations for ALL2016 are well on their way, with lots of planning and activities going on behind the scenes and it´ll be interesting to see the final result! In the meantime, do take the opportunity to read the callout and apply to become a part of Art Language Location initiative and to exhibit at Anglia Ruskin University or at other locations around Cambridge (UK).

Tom Hackett, Kenji Lim, Anna Brownsted, Kimvi Nguyen, Eric Marland, Eden Mitsenmacher, Joseph Young and Susie Johnson are only a few of participating artists from the previous year. The show was listed, by’s Jack Hutchinson, among the Top 5 UK exhibitions in 2015 along with Jackson Pollock’s retrospective at Tate Liverpool.

There are no application/participation fees, and, with kind support from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge School of Art, Cambridge Festival of Ideas and Cambridge Assessment, Awards fund goes up to £3000. Proposals are being invited for creating new work to be exhibited at the Ruskin Gallery, producing new artwork on the theme ‘Language and Light’ (part of Cambridge Assessment’s new redevelopment project) or to work with a researcher at the University of Cambridge and exhibit at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas.





Deadline for applications is March 20th 2016, and it´ll be more than interesting to follow the progress of this festival which has a strong potential of becoming one of the most notable UK art events in 2016!





Sara Lerota

Sara Lerota was born in 1989, in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She represented her country by participating in a world art project PLUS YOU which brought together artists from all over the world and which was organised by Brigitte Williams and exhibited at Woburn Studios (Slade-UCL) in London. She was selected by the Broadway Artists Group (BAG) as one of the Winners of the Art On Call (AOC) Awards and received the most votes from AOC Popular Choice Poll Awards for her pencil work.

Her works have been published in the Cut-Click art and design magazine (UK), the Catapult art magazine (USA), Artists Gone Global book (USA) and have appeared in exhibitions in the United Kingdom (London, Nottingham, Brighton, Wimbledon,  St. Leonards, Swindon, Walthamstow, Bath, Croydon…), Spain, Croatia, Portugal, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, USA etc.

Sara´s favourite mediums are pencils and pastels, but she´s still discovering all the benefits of acrylics and is open to using other mediums in a search for a perfect tool for expressing her ideas. She is a member of “Art on Call” art organisation from L.A., California (USA), a member of DHLU (Mostar, BiH) and a committee member of “Art Language Location” (Cambridge, UK).


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