March 18, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Rajesh Nair



Dream Child



Amidst deep slumber that caressed my thoughts

Woke up to realize a distant dream well fought

Cannons of wild imagination did float

The sojourn vivid and fully bloat


Amidst the frenzy of the white palatial monument huge

Weary and dreary took within refuge

Healers clad white with stethoscope hung with courage

Armored to fight death with siege

Stood ye so bestowed with hands that care

Qualities that thou adorned with rare

Me too hath desired that with hands bare

My dreams were thou that fulfilleth with flair


Unto this monument doth anguish and fear cometh

The eerie of silence spreads its wings on the path

Challenged are those whose competence speaketh

Wonders or mystery unraveled as testimony to the fact


Unparalleled is the force I reckon with

To mould ye into the dreams I haveth

Stringent are the rules and time constraint to fight with

Nothing ought have deterred the choice taken with faith


Unto this world you bringeth so much of hope and solace

Pride and satisfaction springeth since attained with grace

Mine were those dreams that ye shone with aligned pace

O! daughter glad am I to have cherished my dreams with ease







Planet Earth



Explosions that rocked millions of years back

Fragments lay scattered from the same pack

Amidst the wide open blue space like a speck

Evolved the biggest wonder ever to speak


Such was the force that made to swivel

The spin lost momentum to a state control

Ignited within and illuminated external

Hardened and cooled the outer cover exposed to all


Rotation and revolution being the twin principles

The axis being inclined at an angle since

Pays homage to the illuminator on a regular basis

For all that shines does progeny flourish


The seeds of life thus sown sprouted with vigour

Water being the building block for succour

Creatures tiny to huge did emerge with riguor

Struggled and existed for the fittest survivor


One among the creatures, human to be the wisest

Endowed with the brain being the sharpest

With command and control, behaves as if it is his behest

Charging on all other life forms to fulfill his zest


Coexistence never did alarm his prudence

All of you for me, the irony of natural justice

The wealth of nature being put under the axe

Self comes first, to all others amaze


The green envelope devastated each day

The succor of life decreasing to all dismay

Living species growing extinct day by day

Pounded is the crust to explore treasures limited


The alarm bell rings with heightened intensity

Marking a reminder of the atrocity

It’s time that you and me self realize the veracity

To take a oath not to add to scarcity


O! creator, life giver, are you the culprit to be blamed

Creation is what you badly aimed

To see this day bounty of destroyers armed

Flee, for this planet is unsafe and doomed???








Rajesh Nair

A seasoned professional with 14 years of diversified experience as a Commissioned Officer in the Indian Navy in the Executive branch (Hydrographic cadre) encompassing meticulous survey operations, planning and time management, resource management men and material, Data compilation, Training and welfare, Relief operations, Safety and security aspects, Men, Material and Crisis management and also as an instructor of Indian and International Naval officers in the National Institute of Hydrography.

On exit from the Navy being absorbed in the role of Chief Security Officer in a Public sector, an undertaking for the past five years, and has a flair for poetry writing, animal care and save the planet campaigns.


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