Trumpism…White is the new Minority (or White is the new Black)

March 22, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Donald Trump has certainly stirred the melting pot of America.

Which I think most will agree is a good thing and too long in coming. But let’s look at the cause and effect that set the stage for this perfect storm in American politics. Roll back the calendar to the year 2000. At the time the biggest concern was that all the computers would crash at 12:01 GMT 1/1/2000. Then there was president Bill Clinton who, after a moral faux pas that prompted indictment proceedings, had before lulled the public into a state of complacency.


The economy was strong, unemployment down, tension around the globe had settled to a bare simmer. Most Americans didn’t know the difference between Iraq and Iran and had no clue that nearly one half of the world’s population are muslim. Racism was at an all time low.


So just WTF happened ?


The American voter tried to do the right thing and got shafted. Plain and simple. Now not everyone will agree that Al Gore was the perfect choice, or even the right man for the job at the time. But the fact of the matter is….he was the peoples choice. And I for one can’t help but think things would have turned out much differently had we gotten our way and Al had been sworn in.


But we didn’t. Instead we ended up with G W Bush. The beginning of the end.


I won’t catalog his shortcomings, or itemize mistakes. Everyone has their own pet peeves on that list. Let’s just say that as a decision maker he left a lot to be desired.

Now as a sock puppet for some very powerful money? Adequate.


So began the 7 year sleigh ride to hell in a hand basket. 


I say only 7 because the damage was well and truly done in 6, but unlike Clinton, ol GW had a better puppeteer and did nothing impeachable.


Along comes 2007 and indeed our basket is full of problems [we have not even recognized yet]. So the public is beginning to place its faith in the hope of a new leader. In an unprecedented example of unity, we elect our first president of color.


If Barack Obama had known the true depths of the problems he would inherit I seriously doubt he would have entered the race at all. After all, when he first announced his intentions the auto industry had not announced theirs. Wall Street was humming along happily [about to implode] but the banks were still lying successfully about mortgages [about to fold] and the national debt was a mere 9 trillion dollars [at that moment] So all things considered?


Lets give Barack credit where due. He stood up and took the job.


At this point a lot of people want to lay everything at Obama’s feet and claim he’s to blame for all the evil in the world. Sorry folks, but it’s just not so. In a record voter turnout “We the People” in an abundance of ‘politically correct’ zeal set a precedent by electing a person of the minority. Which drew what should have been expected as a reaction from the predominately white congress. Some said it outright and out loud, but most only said it to themselves.


“Obama may be the first black president of the United States. But that is the only distinction in history he will be allowed as long as we are in office.”


The republicans hid their justification in the fact Barack is a democrat. But the democrats themselves have no such excuse for being such unmitigated obstructionists in their collective actions [and lack thereof] during both terms. While denying the fact of their outright and deeply seated racism at every turn, members from both sides of the aisle fought and bickered like school children since day one of Obama’s inauguration. What they failed to stop outright [notably the ACA] they have wasted their time and our tax dollars seeking to overturn. This single issue, healthcare, which nearly everyone agrees is in desperate need of corrective action, is now so deeply ingrained that even the current batch of hopefuls have sworn to overturn. With the exception of course of Hillary Clinton and even she has indicated revisions to be made. But with Hillary one can never tell what she really means. But the real point here being the fact of denied racism……By our supposed leaders.


So they have led by example. An over proud bunch of buffoons have resurrected the hibernating, near dead, rotting corpse of that ugliest beast of mankind. Our darkest nature…Racism.


Do not blame Barack for a message he did not deliver. He has not set us against one another. This we have done unto ourselves.


We the people elected our representatives. We have placed blind faith in their leadership. Now we are shown their darker side and with it, we are shown our own. With this dark side comes weakness and fear. A fear that breeds hatred. Recognition of our own weakness in allowing ourselves to be manipulated by those we place in a position of trust. Anger at the betrayal by those we have placed in power. Frustration in our seeming lack of ability to effect change. Alarm at the edge of the deadly precipice we find ourselves approaching. We see the danger and we are afraid. Fear that we turn into hatred. The blind unreasoning fear of the herd stampeded. The Mob mentality that knows no reason, its fear having driven it beyond the edge of reason.


Depending on who you are, where your ancestors are from, chances are that at some point in history your ‘people’ have been the minority. The minority is always treated badly. No exceptions.


As a result any group made to feel they are a minority and helpless reacts with fear. Fear powered by weakness fuels hatred to feed the Mob mentality. Now we are all being reduced to minority status in our own eyes. Possibly the deadliest blow delivered to a human being…… A damaged self image.


It is no secret that we feel betrayed by our leaders, our government. Nearly everyone will agree that in this day and age, “we’re just happy to have a job.” And none too secure in the jobs we have at that. Between corporate downsizing and outsourcing by even the previously staunchest of American industries, the automotive manufacturers. Food manufactures whose products we can no longer rely on to be wholesome and safe for our children, or pets for that matter. When the actions of American corporations [supported by our military] abroad have so incensed the people of other countries, they feel compelled to attack us on our own soil, in our own homes and places of worship. That even the actions of priests and ministers in these same churches can no longer be trusted. Is it any wonder that trust in even civil servants is destroyed? We are a nation governed by laws, who no longer trust the enforcers of those laws. Not the courts, not the judges, not the officer on the beat. Making us easy prey for one who appeals to our basest instincts, our simplest needs.

Enter the artist, the manipulator, the art of the deal. One who feeds on emotion by feeding our basest instincts. One who listens to people’s fears and needs. Giving back the soothing words that give them hope for a resurrection. Not a resurrection of spirit or soul, but a restoration of what has been lost…. Control.


Control of their life, their circumstance, their future and dignity.


Can or will any of todays presidential candidates deliver on these promises so easily made and often changed?


It is certainly possible. But most will tell you that anything is possible. I will tell you that it cannot be done by them alone regardless of who is elected. It will take a combined effort to oust as many incumbent across the board and give even the best choice a chance of getting the job done. And it is my most fervent hope that another candidate will come forward before the final election day.

But in the interim I must encourage everyone to step back from their emotions. I think almost anyone, business, professional and especially in private life will agree that decisions made based on emotion have turned out to be the worst decisions of their lives or career. So keep this in mind in the upcoming months.






Elwood Billshot  

Elwood is a wordsmith and provocateur residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His book ‘Social Extortion’ can be purchased here.


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