March 29, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Sean Runyon



Memoirs from a mad mind (One)



Abscond I will

another mile

from the paralytic proverbs

of your words subterfuge

The deceit used

in order to achieve

your goals caused mind of mine

to walk upon the trails of lunacy

Rancor that bitter resentful pain

you have brought,

you are like a Shepherd

who tends to a flock of no sheep

lost somewhere you have family

of yours in the fields

of indelible marks

vacuity your lack

of thought and intelligence

upon the value of our love

broke me like a vagabond

begging in the streets

what is to be now

that i have done my love

to bring aversion

such strong disinclination

am I the one

who ran into the arms

of unchast lover’s to satisfy

that gratification

of moment just to

feed your lecherous

validation issues

Fool was I to believe in you

Tell me my love was it so hard

to live by the adherence

of Love’s Commandments

to walk the line of honors

integrity values and morals

UnCompass mentis you brought

I allowed you to take away

the control of my mind

Insanity you made me feel

threw upon me you did

your accusations that I was nothing

more then a covetous

jealous man

with delusional accusations

Upon your heart

But beneath your covered Chameleon

duplicity laid the true heart

of your religion

Yes abscond I will

another Mile from Your Heart

to free myself

from The Tyranny

the chaotic hammering

of Your Love

Abscond I will.







Memoirs from a mad mind (Two)



You are my jealousy

Hope my Refuge

you are the calm reasoning

upon my confused mind.

Your ludic spontaneous

playful jocular humorous ways

have brought such veneration

upon thy heart the reverence

I have of you

only God knows

how deep it really runs

For these emotions

strange they are to me

like a newborn baby

taking its first steps

upon life

that Adoration

the excitement of life

in their eyes

that is the love

you have placed

upon me

virgin born anew

upon thy heart

you have encapsulated

this beating heart

of mine with your

sentiments of love.

You are the emotions

life places upon me

you weather deep

within me,

around me,

upon me,

within the crevices

of this old alien Heart

I belong to thee

humbled I am before

the deity that stands

before eyes

Your love is planted firm,

Like roots

that grow within

the sacred Scrolls of life

your roots have dug

deep within me,

ravaging me,

uplifting me,

you are always contemplating

upon us a higher plane

of love like a river

that flows deep

within me

you’re thy water

that feeds life upon my soul

I think to myself

sometime in such wired

quandering ways

have I ever walked upon

love such as this before

it seems not

for the yearning

I have of you

is almost too deep

for mind to handle…

Is this the

thing they call love

if so I beg of you

to give me more

of this addicting drug

So strange to my mind,

this love

you have placed upon my

heart so strange

Glory be to God







Sean Runyon

I have been writing for about three years and am trying new things. I love to play music and I love to live and help others in life.

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