March 30, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah






A moment as beautiful as a young Rose

or a yawning Sunflower

that cannot quiet its petals from drawing butterflies

awoke a funny sunlight to the delight of our eyes


a time after time of chiming winds

with tickling sensations of love

was like a brewed kiss

from an honest answer


a startled picturesque

as sight of morning Zebras

birthed a paradise of praise like an exciting salmagundi

in a magical recipe of thoughtfulness


a distant stare of an ageing couple

as smell of fresh milk and chocolates

dumped my thundering peals

into a dawn of newness


a February of cupids it was

a memory of smiley rivulets we sat

a sight of clopping horses and disciples of stars

is my wish for you and I, against the world.














Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah

Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah was born in Ghana, in December 1984. Michael is an avid poet whose poems have been translated into other languages including Greek, Croatian and Polish. His work has been widely published in anthologies and several prominent international journals. Michael was awarded the Kostis Palamis prize for poetry as well as possessing an honorary diploma in poetry (Greece 2011). In 2012 Michael was awarded the prestigious National Youth Achievers Award (NYAA) in Ghana.


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