April 1, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Sean Runyon




Memoirs from a mad mind

(an excerpt from)



when we as society

allow integrity

values and morals

to be


we as a society

put ourselves

upon menial

positions of lower



the acceptance

of immorality

is more easily

swept beneath

the rugs

of our deceit


the break down

the fabric

of society

begins to lash


We act without

though of mind


violence, depravity



habit that Fall upon

Every facet of life


breakdown of ethics

the moral principles

that governs a person’s

or group’s behavior

Falls to wayside


Those gifts

of integrity values

and morals

become nothing

more than a


tool that falls upon

the beating heart

of humanity


acts of love end up

being not true of



the blaming of

others becomes

second nature


And the life of

a perpetual victim


and begins it’s

tread upon

all endeavors

that pertain

to healthy life


we find ourselves

on trails of

calamity begging

for wisdom to

hear our cry


But wisdom

mocks and laughs

upon us when

we call upon her

name perplexed

we become and

wonder why She

is nowhere to be found


Integrity values

and morals

These three simple

words that

bind the fabric

of society


it creates order

amongst the chaos


Integrity the

quality of being

honest and having

strong moral

principles; moral



Values the regard

that something

is held to deserve;

the importance,

worth, or usefulness

of something.


Morals a lesson,

especially one

concerning what

is right or prudent,


But it seems more

and more these

days we are losing

this concept upon

the heart of humanity


There’s more


racism and hatred

infesting the

heart of society

then ever in history


the segregation

among our

brothers and sisters

has pushed the

true meaning of

love and

spirituality upon

the back burners

of our life

Trust loses its way


We become so

entangled upon


unrighteous self


that we find


And our minds

Falling upon the

feudal concepts

of heart

And simplicity

has lost its way


So I say bind these

concepts to your

heart integrity values

and morals


bind these concepts

to your heart

like Gold

that was forged

upon the

saviors chalice


Bind these to

your heart like

feathers upon

the beating heart

of Phoenix


bind these

to your heart as

breath is to life


bind these concepts

to your heart

Integrity values

and morals








Sean Runyon

I have been writing for about three years and am trying new things. I love to play music and I love to live and help others in life.


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