April 4, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Santosh Kumar Pokhrel






Left impaired on the hillock

As an old woman with wrinkles

In stream sides, in the crinkles

Narrating history of the old, since the earth’s evolution

The history till untold,

With vigor high

But with her suppressed sigh

Of her much bold,

She a gold!

Represents very old epoch

Endurance this long not a joke!

This much a long way her walk

Lo hear her talk!

How long she stands

The nature’s mock?

She a high heart

Playing well her part

She a real rock!


Smiles as if sated,

Though trouble inside her

To some extent abated,

With human smell;

This been a long tale.


She wishes face her peal

In her vigor in her zeal

And circumstances to reveal

She is still in seal.

She wishes burst

In this hurst

Crying far this way

Oh someone give her way!!!










Quite often these days

These mere days

And these days of my course

My bare days

I get up right from my bed

And plunge into my thought

That many a times

My grudge fought out;

For a meaningful abstract

And feels as if this life

Were a real fact!







The Cloud



Hugging the trees of wild

Kissing peaks sharp and mild

Pervading the whole sky

Goes up high and high.

Wishes touch brooks and streams

And splashes of the river brims

May she go over peasant’s field!

For showers she should yield!


Dazzling sun beams in custody

In her bewitching beauty,

Dives into seas and ocean,

In her meek and mild motion.


Fetches rain on barren farms

O cloud, we hail your charms!









Santosh Kumar Pokhrel

Santosh Kumar Pokhrel is a senior civil engineer and a noted contemporary poet from Nepal. He spent almost seven years in Moscow during his study. He is member of different literary sites and has frequent publications. Mr Pokhrel is a published poet and has hundreds of poems and two published books, the latest being SACRAMENTO POEMS, also available as an e-book and can be found at www.odishaestore.com/sacramento.

Poems by Santosh Kumar Pokhrel can be frequently seen in several facebook literary groups under S. Pokhrel. The poet enjoys three world languages English, Russian and French including Hindi and mother tongue Nepali.  Most of his poems are lyrical and rhyming. His poems range from simple romantic to metaphysical full of oriental sentiments. He is found dancing in pleasure and crying out in distress in his poems.

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  1. Santosh April 05, at 19:46

    Thanks Tuck magazine.com for giving space to my poems. Regards!


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