Urban Politics

April 5, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Otatade Okojie

Small minds think small things, they are not able to adapt and adjust to the social changes around us.

As the media pours its biased representations of migrants from overseas entering into our land of hope and glory, I questioned whether everything had become a spin-off of Evolution, that movie where aliens take over America. A hidden paranoia had implanted itself amidst the minds of the public, and suddenly mass audiences are scared of losing jobs they would never apply for, complaining about a benefit system that for years many had argued those in positions of stability need not worry.

I call this term ‘social urban politics‘ the need to christen oneself above a secular army of ‘supposed nomads‘. After all, whilst working within our systems these people won’t pay tax; am I right? Do they have families that need to be provided for? A need also to engage with the brands we have become familiar with, endorsing the economy.

We’ve suddenly begun to appreciate a system we’d rather dictate complaints about. The irony being, many of us are playing the class game. That social hierarchical structure that defines some as elite and others as less than, and yet one has to ask oneself do we all originate from Britain? Or are we also migrants lost in translation, trying to find enough structure to stabilise families and create a network of communities and social connections that grant our kin, that feeling of fulfillment.







Otatade Okojie

Otatade is a writer, journalist, photographer, blogger and CEO of xzmedia international.


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