April 8, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Julie Petersen



Through My Eyes



Through my eyes looking up

Beyond the tree, to the sky

Buds of promise upon the branches

Barked protection above its roots


In front of me I see it stand

Against harsh winter’s weathered song

Windblown tethered veins of gray

Will pump leaves life again some day


Sunlight shines on wooden hands

Warming reaching frozen fingers

To put on rings of loving sun

Marrying roots with skies above


One with nature’s grand allure

Planted under sun and moon

The tree and I embrace a peace

Looking up with reaching hands









Dark Glass Breaks



Wipe your sad tears

Before they stain your cheeks

Like they did your heart

And instead cry happy tears


Your pain pierces me too

Like a knife in the gut

So I bleed the agony you feel

Putting bandages on to protect myself


Our barriers against the wrongs

Are built and torn down daily

Standing strong against frayed nerves

Then go crashing down with the attacks


I can’t help you

You can’t help me

You’re slipping away day by day

I don’t know why and I can’t take hold


Yet I know this despite everything

You are forever in my heart

Because in there, dark glass breaks

And the sun shines again










Julie Petersen

Julie Petersen lives in Colorado where she has worked as a database professional for over 10 years while pursuing technical writing to give life to her desire to write. Her passion for writing and poetry started as a young adult after high school when she published her first poems in several anthologies. After returning to writing poetry over a year ago, Julie is an active poet on social media poetry groups including Contemporary Poets, Their Works, Current Poetry Projects, News, Links and has recently been published in the group’s top selling anthology titled “Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze: (Contemporary Poetry By New and Experienced Poets)“. Julie loves to reach others with her words and is also an amateur photographer whose pictures often inspire and accompany her poetry.


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