The Opiate Of The Masses

April 13, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Ogunniyi Abayomi

Humans have for centuries encountered various doctrines, ideologies, laws and principles as time passes beneath the clouds.

Despite the human approach and formulation of these principles, the stories concluded through the pages an unjustified struggle for identity that aroused the wasting of life and properties of individuals who implement it.

The anticipation for freedom raises more casualties whereby justice to the demands of the masses is slowly declined by individuals whose consciousness does not exist to the realm of sanity.

The march for total freedom by the raging movement of social crusades, non violent activism, radical movements and protests against individual threats has built a platform for the masses to express their thoughts.

After much struggle the masses fails to maintain the policies implemented basically on the negative subject of greed which enslaves us to the mediocrity and corruption of wealthy oppressors.

Questions over reforms, policies and ideas arise each time the brave voices are expelled from existence by the negative inclination of the oppressor.

The failure to implement these policies has exposed the bewildering omen of misery whereby each day is like a thousand years of the dead.

It is no longer a myth that the rich get richer and the poor still wander in the misery of poverty across the atmosphere of struggle and materialism. We suffer from the harsh infliction of deceit, we fail to fight against the mentality of enslavement yet we cry in the misery of our condition selling our conscience to serve under his boots in hardship and brutal demeanor.

The glory of a nation is in the hand of its people yet it is the oppressor who captivate the voices of the people from existence, imploring brutal and raging torture.

Do acts and reforms open our eyes to the glaring piece of truth we fail to observe?

Freedom is for all people, much desire it, many plead for it, yet only few fight against tyranny to acquire it.

The public servant should not be seen as a public slave in the society of his birth. To achieve this he/she must refuse bribes and benefits from oppressors to breathe life into his intergrity that by their voices the need of the common man be adressed.

Are we ready to rise or do we seek to abide by the dark seat of ignorance of silence while the opressor walks freely while we suffer?









Ogunniyi Abayomi

I was born in 1991 in the city of Lagos, Nigeria where I today reside. My love for poetry is very strong whereby I consider it a page of my life. I am aspiring to create positive values as a poet to my world.


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