April 14, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Santosh Kumar Pokhrel



To Boko Haram



Two hundred girls

The school girls

From school of Nigerian north

Abducted and sent forth

To places unknown

You did escort.

Oh and you tell

You put them on sale

To servitude

To the hell!


Terror why do you hold?

With the girls

For what were they abducted?

In hearts our whirls

Why beaten they are

And twitched by hair curls?

The godly girls!


16 to 18 years age

What barbarism with them

What savage?

Humanity put in the cage

Like beasts

In ravage

Fie! You damn!

You Boko Haram.


Share I too their sentiments

Sentiments of the immaculate

Teenage girls

The parents’ pearls,

Emotions of the globe

The mankind whirls

Your abduction to the world

Is utter a slam

And a wretched damn

Pooh you Boko Haram.


Hey why yell you humanity?

Tender its heart

Subtler its sanity.

People though been kind

State still entwined

In this mission

In a rescue mission

In a peaceful submission!


You will be caught

By necks

Will all be counted

By heads

Will be punished too bad

Of you so sad!

So don’t do follies

Don’t go mad!

Be sober and calm

You Boko Haram.


This misfortune!

Ailment to the humanity

Your terror and insanity

How think you get this way

Troubles your do away

With our daughters frailed?

Abducted and blackmailed.


No brother no father henceforth

Shall be hailed

For the act you entailed

Hold on, set them free!

This a human decree.

Don’t remain in sham!

You Boko Haram.


I raise my voice

My poetic voice, my choice

For the school girls

More than 200 innocent girls

The parents’ pearls!

Heritage and mirth

Of this mother earth!


I plea, I earnestly plea

For the peace and glee

Abduction you did I do flay

Dare not you them slay!

I bet you never abate

Surrender never late!


And wait

For the bliss of life

Harmony again to revive

In your nation

Grant them emancipation

And be hailed warm

You Boko Haram!









Santosh Kumar Pokhrel

Santosh Kumar Pokhrel is a senior civil engineer and a noted contemporary poet from Nepal. He spent almost seven years in Moscow during his study. He is member of different literary sites and has frequent publications. Mr Pokhrel is a published poet and has hundreds of poems and two published books, the latest being SACRAMENTO POEMS, also available as an e-book and can be found atwww.odishaestore.com/sacramento.

Poems by Santosh Kumar Pokhrel can be frequently seen in several facebook literary groups under S. Pokhrel. The poet enjoys three world languages English, Russian and French including Hindi and mother tongue Nepali.  Most of his poems are lyrical and rhyming. His poems range from simple romantic to metaphysical full of oriental sentiments. He is found dancing in pleasure and crying out in distress in his poems.

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  1. Santosh April 14, at 08:57

    Thanks Tuck for publishing my poem .


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