April 18, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Gonsalves Mpili



More Than A Dreamer



This inner voice within me,

Is not a replica of leadership.

In contrary it’s a bond of me,

And a conceptual structure,

On which it’s a two way dependence.


I took an oath in front of your joyous eyes,

To work upon our investments,

Such death rates from them,

Won’t pull me down,

Their stylistically stupidity,

Is merely a stone thrown into darkness,

An assumption in their mind,

That the stone will hit me,

It won’t.


Those who never chewed soon they will,

Those who never schooled soon they will,

I’m more than I ever thought.

In favour of my people I’ll sign any deal,

Give them good food I’ll clear the bill,

Let peace reign, no bloodshed, why kill?

Of those who are disabled I’ll pull you up, I have a will,

I feel like a wind mill on top of a hill,

Converting my energy to you,

Don’t bow or kneel before me,

I’m not your king,

But your trustworthy leader.









My Thoughts of You



You’re a war lord of love,

All your weapons directed to me,

Your lips, hands, eyes are going to destroy me,

Perphaps not, let our lips walk together,

In a silent road with our tongues attached,

The saliva inside our lips will tend to be glue,

And we will think the sky isn’t blue,

I’ll kiss you till your nose erupts out a volcano of flu,

You’re all over my head as my hair, I have no clue,

You’re a thief,

You stole me and jailed me in your heart,

Police officers have searched me and saw nothing,

I’m declared dead over your love,

Your hugs make my thoughts endless,

I need more of you, would you give me that?

It’s a rhetorical question,

I don’t need your answer

Your sympathetic eyes have just answered me,

Keep me locked in your heart,

And the keys to that jail in your heart, melt them.

You are my celebrity,

And I’m your only number one fan.









Gonsalves Mpili

I am a poet based in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. Some of my poems have been featured in several platforms such as Badilisha Poetry and Poetry Potion in South Africa, ME Magazine in UK, Naija First Class, Asbgist Nigeria and Tush Magazine in Nigeria. I am also a writer at Zouch Magazine base in the US, Canada and UK.


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