April 19, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Santosh Kumar Pokhrel



Karma the Hindu Philosophy



Gallows round the neck

Mellows how then find?

Dearth no mirth would make

You are to that destined.

Destined are those to vie

Opine shall how to you?

And vies will yield no sigh

Given you woe some due.

The dues come from your past

Your birth to past destined

That past reveals to last

And you how could mind?

These dues stick to self

The self rejoices grand

This full hypnotic pelf

The pelf is karmic brand.









He for sure!



Sure he is, for sure

He would be kind

Among mankind

His soul never impure

For sure.


He holds his name

In the name of lure

Lure would lore no more

He would pangs endure

For sure.


Pangs those befall

Sang his heart fewer

In the intuition newer

What could he ensure?

For sure.


Ensure would he

You better intern and inure

Since finite could be limits

The quacks in whack immure

Yes this for sure!


Knowledge be prime and pure

May divine shine

In the silver line

And undo life twine

For sure!









Santosh Kumar Pokhrel

Santosh Kumar Pokhrel is a senior civil engineer and a noted contemporary poet from Nepal. He spent almost seven years in Moscow during his study. He is member of different literary sites and has frequent publications. Mr Pokhrel is a published poet and has hundreds of poems and two published books, the latest being SACRAMENTO POEMS, also available as an e-book and can be found atwww.odishaestore.com/sacramento.

Poems by Santosh Kumar Pokhrel can be frequently seen in several facebook literary groups under S. Pokhrel. The poet enjoys three world languages English, Russian and French including Hindi and mother tongue Nepali.  Most of his poems are lyrical and rhyming. His poems range from simple romantic to metaphysical full of oriental sentiments. He is found dancing in pleasure and crying out in distress in his poems.

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  1. Santosh April 20, at 15:32

    Thanks for giving space to my poems.


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