April 20, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Rajesh Nair






What made you so low in mind and body

That you stooped so far below virtues

Is it just to appease the hunger or excitement

That the world now looks at you in awe


Said to be the embodiment of love and care

Designed to bleed white for the newly born

The warmth and affection manifested within

Now lurking in the dark as a tool for many


Did you accept this all by your own will

Or made so for the demands were more

All eyes so perverted fix you up and down

The concoction mixed with lustful empathy


Womanhood so ever depicted with chastity

Have let go the all so important trait

To a world so dark and bluish hot

That you don’t seem to worry about the taint


Are all the pictures ever painted untrue

For people like you have splashed paint all over

Isn’t it time for you to realize having gone so far

That you would be fed to the vultures at rest


Nothing whatsoever be the reason unacceptable

For we have been quoted as civilized than any

This barbaric act of yours with none’s consent

Has put all the mothers to indignified shame


Rise above, for you are a stigma to society

Choose whence you want to rest in peace

No prayers or song would ever be heard in your grave

For you have put the world to shame












Had a long stare at the broken mirror

Wrinkled face with impoverished beard

Spectacle so couth and untidy never cleaned

Blew air so thick that fogged the mirror


Clavicles jetted hung the body on bony clutches

Knees so swollen that a prick would ooze out

Fingers and toes unable to hold tight

Stood with difficulty so lone and staring


Gazed with wide open mouth my reflection

To swallow the past which brought in

Images galore of the immediate past so liked

Stood with all senses so weak and fragile


Once was recognized as the immaculate physique

With a big family, housed with laughter and joy

Took pains to appease all forgetting own

Provided all much required to stand on own feet


Climbed up the ladder, night or day alike

To bring in stars and the moon when asked

Single meal never ever denied to all with me

Needs, wants and desires of all satisfied


Few of them left this home and flew away

Rest relocated to become bigger and more

Orphaned the place where childhood flourished

All connect disconnect with nuclear tide


Who cares for you after all when job done

The heart craved for need so grave

Waiting for the chariot of roses to appear

To take me away for more couldn’t bear


One thing will make all remember

Not to forget those who gave their lives

To bring you up what you are now

Repay them for time does not stop.










Rajesh Nair

A seasoned professional with 14 years of diversified experience as a Commissioned Officer in the Indian Navy in the Executive branch (Hydrographic cadre) encompassing meticulous survey operations, planning and time management, resource management men and material, Data compilation, Training and welfare, Relief operations, Safety and security aspects, Men, Material and Crisis management and also as an instructor of Indian and International Naval officers in the National Institute of Hydrography.

On exit from the Navy being absorbed in the role of Chief Security Officer in a Public sector, an undertaking for the past five years, and has a flair for poetry writing, animal care and save the planet campaigns.


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