April 21, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Susan Price



Hashem Speaks . . . .



Be quiet, be still,

And soon you will,

Open your mind to a beautiful and kind,

Truth that is real,

Something you can hold onto,

Something you can feel.


In the darkest of night,

In the depths of sorrow,

When all seems filled with despair,

When the world seems at a loss for care,

There’s truly something there.


A truth, a love that is strong,

A silent voice that guides you along,

And doesn’t let you go astray,

Your mind is at work; your mind is at play.


All that needs to be done,

Is to sit in silence and listen for the one,

The one true voice that directs the way,

And teaches whether to go or whether to stay.


When tidal waves of despair,

Surround and suffocate the air,

And all seems out of reach,

You come in and teach,

A lesson in Todah Rabah (gratitude); a lesson that will take us far.


Yet keeps us within your reach, as you begin to teach:


A silent voice creeps inside and says, “Go to the dining room,”

“Do not hide.”

To the dining room I go, feeling great defeat

“Why, my child, have something to eat.”

I sit and look through the large glass door,

Upon the mountains so high,


And all I can do is cry.

“B’ruch Hashem,” says I.

“Todah Rabah for a beautiful world.”

How could I have been so ungrateful?

How could you have heard?

I didn’t say a word.


The tears flow,

As my eyes awaken to know,

The beauty is not far away.

And, the love you provide is always here to stay.


Open your eyes to the beauty and cry,

As you are the reason why,

Gratitude is the only emotion to feel,

For all that you do,

For all that is real.


While there is fear, it is laced with love; it is laced with care.

If only stillness and silence can be the guide,

For what is true and for what is tried.


Returning each to a gentler soul,

Trying to share the things you know,

Guiding in the darkest hour,

With love and care and great power.


While things were dark, I had forgotten my way.

I fall to the ground and in gratitude I pray.

Todah Rabah for the mountains as they reach your majestic sky,

Todah Rabah for the heavens that reach a greater high,

Todah Rabah for your guiding voice,

Today Rabah for your presented choice.


I tried to run, I tried to hide,

Todah Rabah for your persistent guide.

In this place of love, I cried,

From love, no longer can I hide.










Susan Price

Susan Price is an estate planning and personal injury attorney in Tucson, Arizona. Susan has always been interested in poetry and all forms of prose. She began writing as a teenager and has returned to the pen as an adult. Susan believes that life is an amazing journey, with many twists and turns. When faced with hardship, such as severe illness suffered by her daughters, Susan believes that the greatest lessons of life come to light, especially when you truly learn to be silent and still, listening for true guidance. Susan will be working on a book, entitled, A Mother’s Journey, to share a story of hope and inspiration. 


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