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April 25, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Feroz Khan Jamali




One of Tuck Magazine’s most prolific contributors recently passed away. Here, Feroz Khan Jamali pays tribute to Sattar Rind.



As the motherland of Sindh produced Sheikh Ayaz and Ustad Bukhari, she also produced the son of soil Sattar Rind, who was a multidimensional person and worked simultaneously as an analyst, poet and social worker.


In the era of 1970s he was famous as a leftist. He wrote many books on poetry and politics. He also wrote many columns on different issues in different languages. He was a very humble, humanly person which can’t be expressed in words. He was very humanly. He struggled promoting education because he knew the importance of education. He was very interested in social welfare activities. No one can deny the qualities hidden in him and the people who met him should acknowledge him.


I have some memories of that particular meeting, the last of mine with comrade Sattar Rind, on 20th of August 2015 at his residence in Hyderabad. I am feeling esteemed of that. I am feeling esteemed of that meeting with my great teacher in which he advised me to learn and take education. He told me to live to the people and for the people. He told me to obey the commandments of parents and said that obliging the parents is the only way of success. His funeral was gapped in my life and I am feeling his absence.




Feroz Khan Jamali is from Islamabad, Pakistan



Editor’s note:


We here at Tuck Magazine were devastated to hear of the sudden passing of one of our regular writers, Sattar Rind.

Sattar often wrote controversial pieces that expressed his personal views of political situations, not only in Pakistan, but around the world.

Sattar’s personal insight and experience into such matters was second to none and from emails exchanged between us, I know that he was aware of many things that had and were still happening in his native country that would shock many around the world.

Sattar’s last piece for Tuck Magazine was titled ‘Modern Karbala: Bhutto and his Family‘, a subject he had a great deal of knowledge on, particularly relating to Benazir Bhutto’s time in parliament, though ironically the article was controversial to many due to the inclusion of the word ‘Karbala‘ in the title, rather than the subject matter within. I know that Sattar personally received a great deal of conflict from this article, from a number of different people, and was adamant of its importance and use within the title. We, as publisher, stood by this decision and the freedom to express an opinion accordingly.

I knew Sattar professionally for just over a year and, in that time, he wrote 58 amazing articles for Tuck Magazine. He always came across as a kind, genuine and good man, and I for one am privileged to have made his acquaintance and considered him somebody I could trust and, more importantly, a friend.

We pass our sincere condolences to Sattar’s family – Our hearts go out to you at this sad time.


Read Sattar Rind’s articles here



Michael Organ

Editor and Publisher, Tuck Magazine


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