April 26, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Soodabeh Saeidnia



What I Can Do



It’s zero o’clock, the time I am able to do

what you have never thought about it

I can start talking to you and while

your smile is still unripe

bouncing your mind through a horrible gate


Then I change the center of attention

to those depressive senses of being

At the same time that you are thinking

of how I admire you, I can push you

inside the hell of blaming eyes

and you simply feel guilty


Moment after moment,

your understanding of your sin

is deeply etched into your soul

and you forget my presence

Starting to accuse your mind


While we are binging on your sin,

I stab a joy cake and you,

intoxicated by the scent of your bitter ego,

expose your consciousness

along with my conspiracy


Then you, like a poor deer

in paws of a formidable leopard,

accept the sentence, every sentence

that your ill mind explicitly finalizes

You become a volunteer

to execute your life


Now, It’s 25 o’clock

and I already left your body alone

while your soul is hardly breathing











Soodabeh Saeidnia

Soodabeh Saeidnia was born in Iran and received Pharm.D. and also Ph.D. of Pharmacognosy. She is also interested in English literature and poetry and has published a collection of her poems, Harfhaee- Baraye- Khodam (Words for myself) in the Farsi language. Now, Soodabeh is living in New York and her poems have been published in American magazines and literary journals including Squawk Back, Sisyphus Quarterly, Paradox, TimBookTu, Bobbling of the Irrational, SPINE, American Writers Journal, Tuck Magazine, La Libertad, Tiny Poetry, Indiana Voice Journal; Poetry, The Pen, 352 degrees and the Great Weather for Media. A number of her poems have been printed in the books ‘Where the Mind Dwells’ and ‘American Poet’ by Eber & Wein Publishing as well as ‘Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze’ by Johnson Publications and Artistic. Her newest book, ‘Street of the Ginkgo Trees‘ is available online on Amazon.


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