DRC transport company remains on course following annual report

April 28, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Darell Maurice

Michel Kirumba Director General of Transco (Transport in Congo) on Saturday presented to press and the Congolese population the company’s annual activity report.

Before an invited audience of agents and managers of the company, Kirumba spoke of the five key points to know: the recall of motivation of the the report to the public, recalling the objectives assigned to Transco , the achievements of 2015, the difficulties encountered during the same year, and the company’s future prospects.

Regarding achievements, Kirumba said that “since the departure of the white man, Transco continues to operate normally and (is) doing even better.” In general management, in close collaboration with the University of Mons in Belgium and started by Transco within the Quality Management Project under ISO 9001, it is projected to achieve certification of its services on the Horizon 2018.

Moreover, in the operation, among the progress made, the boss of Transco reported that 45 million passengers were transported against a forecast of 30 million under the constraints of traffic jams and the poor condition of roads.

In finance all management indicators following the Business Plan are green. However, the turnover of the year amounted to about 24 billion CDF against a forecast of 16 billion.

Among the difficulties encountered during the year concerned by the report, the Director General returned to deplore the attacks on buses by fierce demonstrators, evening involving the burning of a bus; This behavior has sometimes caused the immobilization of dozens of buses for several months on hearing the import of spare parts, he said.

As for the outlook for 2016, Transco intends to organize inter-city transportation with air-conditioned buses with comfortable seating. In this regard, the manager of this public transport company added that the Kinshasa – Kikwit line has already been launched a few months ago on an experimental basis, and intends to pursue this project with the second line, Kinshasa – Matadi.

The Director General of the transport company in Congo answered some concerns of media professionals who took part in the ceremony, including the issue of advertising on transco buses. Here, Michel Kirumba reassured the public that this action has met all the normal procedures as required by the Public Procurement Control Directorate; especially as these buses are goods that belong to the Congolese state and ensure the mobility of its citizens. As for profitability, it said that advertising revenue reported around 115,000 US dollars to Transco; and these profits enable the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo to reduce the cost of the subsidy in terms of fuel, oil, etc.








Darell Maurice

Darell Maurice is a Journalist based in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s capital city Kinshasa and works for Canal7kintv. He also blogs here.


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