Why MBA is better than CA

May 11, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Ayushi Gupta

When it comes to career options there are two wide choices: MBA, Master of Business Administration and CA, Chartered Accountant, between which many students get confused.

CA, which ultimately gives a perfect platform build up with financial security, honour and many other after-benefits, but when it comes to MBA it is a master’s degree that not only makes you economically stable and secure, it even gives an enjoyable platform to work on. This article need not give any description on MBA but it definitely gives you a fair idea of all those aspects that make MBA better than CA ultimately.


A work to enjoy

MBA is a degree that concentrates on making students work on both aspects, practical and theory, simultaneously, that not only makes the work boring and file based, whereas CA is totally a work of numbers. You can only enjoy it if you love to play with mathematical numbers.





A perfect training and personality development from the MBA course simply makes a person smart by their looks and workings. It increases the level of confidence in a person by perfectly developing communication skills.





This degree creates professionals who are well dressed to work in the corporate world of management rather than just making an auditing machine. It gives a positive attitude to deal with the corporate world and manage themselves to adjust amidst the fast changing climate.





MBAs are no doubt multi-taskers who not only perform multitasks together at a time but also with all due perfection. MBAs are not only good at communication and calculation but also in marketing, selling, public relations and many other aspects of this particular field.





The corporate world does not only need the persons who just perform their best but also they expect a sense of perfection in the work and MBAs are masters of such skills. They are trained to perform many tasks simultaneously but also with all the perfection it needs.




This gives a wide range of posts to people who pursue a MBA. These different posts not only give an experience of working with juniors and seniors together under a roof with all needed discipline, rather than just ruling a seat under a registered organisation.



Team work

This master’s degree teaches to work in a team which is a lot more challenging when few different attitudes are grouped together. It increases the level of patience to work together and also under somebody’s instructions.




A leader is someone who has the power to make people listen and not who can be ruled by his team member. This teaches us to be a perfect leader who has all the qualities of leadership to control and make masses listen to him/her and also has patience to listen to the grievances of others.




MBA is something that is above the art of rechecking those piles of files and balance sheets to prove the creditability of a company. It is a much more interesting job to represent a product on its launch, to lead a whole marketing and selling team together at one platform and many such small to huge jobs.




It’s like a pool game that gives you a limited number of chances to try your skills and luck in CA but when we talk about MBA it is nothing of that sort, it is something that ensures you a job on which you can work harder and harder to reach the top and promote at every level from grass roots to the highest level.



No backup plans

Unlike CA, for a MBA you do not need any backup plans to continue should you fail to qualify in all the levels of CA. It ensures you a degree of master of business administration and also a reputed job.



In a nutshell

MBA’s are the professionals who pursue a degree of Master in business administration. The word administration itself means running a business or an organisation, which is a much better option than balancing assets & liabilities and managing the mathematical money of an organisation. MBA and CA are two different dimensions of professionals who are at different horizons but a simple wrong decision in opting can waste a lot of time and resources which can affect a person’s career in a negative way. So choosing a MBA as a career option will be a perfect option if you are not very interested in playing a long game of numbers and are still looking with confusion at both options to choose from.







Ayushi Gupta

Ayushi Gupta is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from TeerthankarMahaveer University, Moradabad in India. She has completed her schooling from St. Joseph’s Senior Secodary School, Kanpur in India and has a very keen interest in freelance writing.


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