May 13, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Ken Allan Dronsfield



Where Dust and Ash Reign



Broken bricks of shadowed memory,

lost to time, far-reaching aged hands

once life reigned and prospered there

now back to the earth as dust and ash.


Wagon wheels and horseshoes left,

abandoned without prudence or grace

recalling days of our westward craze

well before cars or planes were adept.


Reticent views of laughter or squalor

buried in graves on the vast open plain;

trinkets lay about, shimmer in sunshine

the well gone dry, like clay blown away.


Walking the flat, prairie dogs scatter,

red shouldered hawk spies with intent

as buzzards circle some miles away;

Dust and ash about; a mindful matter.








Shaken Not Stirred



In the evening transcending;

my lonely heart not adjusting

as the rabbits play at chasing

shadows in flat mottled grass.


Warbling of self righteousness

fragile screaming in mourning

echoing within a mirrored eye

the abominable crispy breath.


Flame to the wick ignited but

the candle dreams of darkness

entombed within subtle empathy

grasping at Angels drifting high.


Orbs in pastel traverse souls

a percolated sadness wreaks

my mutation reeks of change

a purple rain shaken not stirred.








Requiem of a Bastard Rat



Trading off my food stamps

for beer and a carton of smokes

coughing is getting much worse

raspy voice after the night shift


Airing up the flat tires on an

’85 Chevrolet impala wagon

disco moves to the Bee Gees

performing ‘One Night Only’


Memoirs recorded yesterday

humming fast like a tattoo gun

search out my pack of beef ramen

trippin’ away as a Samurai rabbit


Rapturous glide on thinning ice

living life swimming a vat of fudge

super big gulp stolen from 7 Eleven

sketchy requiem of a bastard rat.








Ken Allan Dronsfield

Ken Allan Dronsfield is a Published Poet and Author originally from Hampton, New Hampshire, now residing in Oklahoma. He enjoys thunderstorms, walking in the woods at night,  playing guitar and time with his cats Merlin and Willa. Ken’s published work can be found in Magazines, Journals, Reviews and Blogs both Online and Print venues such as Indiana Voice Journal, Belle Reve Journal, Bewildering Stories, Tuck Magazine and Creative Talents Unleashed and more.


  1. Renee Drummond-Brown May 14, at 03:29

    Congratulations Author Ken Allan Dronsfield on your excellent published writing prose, and a huge shout out to Tuck Magazine for acknowledging your hard work. Pittsburgh Author: Renee' Drummond-Brown (Renee's Poems with Wings are Words in Flight)!!!

  2. Leslie DeLuca May 13, at 20:55

    I really enjoyed the tripping back to a time I only read of or seen on film; most assuredly this written medium of throwback is the finest journey I've been on in regards to the portrayal of such a time as that in the delightfully charming "Where Dust and Ash Reign". It felt so right as if I had heard a story spun by an elder or had even travelled back to time to try on myself. Such is the power of the author's imagery within this. "Shaken not Stirred" had a mournful despairing effect on me as I'm sure most would feel, as we are drawn in by the hauntingly provocative lines that offers us a view of the melancholy mind of one who is lost in deep thought as he reflects on himself. While reading this beautiful piece, I felt myself slowly easing into a saddened state as it gently delivered me to the end of the line; I'm so glad I will be able to shake this one off, yet will always remember the hook that caught me. The poets's ability to totally captivate and mesmerize his readers is obvious. As for "Requiem of a Bastard Rat". Ken's imaginative muscle sneaks up on us yet again, reminding us of the infinite amount of greatness he has stored within that he taps into which makes him such a highly sought after writer. The poet in him never fails to surprise us EVER! Well done indeed.


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