The Sunken Heart

May 13, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Adoboe Selorm

Tears drop on the pillow case when we wake to see, hear or feel them no more.

We will never know the names we knew then and our heavy hearts of many years will leave us uncontrollably wounded without mend.

It is just hard to live up to the expectations of the unexpected disappearance of the memories we once had.

We, the products of the victims are left heavily wounded,

we too have become the victims of the unforseen expectations and we have become the victims of the tales that were never told to an end.


No!!! has become our greatest grammar,  ‘No’ has become a poem we now recite and continue to recite with our heavy hearts and waterfalls running down our cheeks, which refuses to go dry even after the rains of this catastrophe.

This was not an appeal but the imposition of the unseen unavoidable.

Yes the unseen unavoidable but the timing was unpleasant and has left many sour waters running down the cheeks of the the hill even after the storm.

Who shall crow for the mother hen and the chicks to wake up before dawn to face the broad day light of happiness?

Now the cock is gone so who shall the mother hen wait on until its dawn?







Adoboe Selorm

Adoboe Selorm is a level 200 student studying economics and geography in the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.


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