May 16, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Dime Maziba



Glasses of guiltiness



Glasses of guiltiness

staring on my wounded dignity

Women are being raped

while I’m bleeding secular poetry


Regrets control my mind

Should I wear soldier uniform?

To go and help those poor less souls

But through their eyes

Will I look like their kind?

Or should I sign some paper forms

And the so-called UN will implead.


Badcome to Beni !

Town of milk and honey,

But bodies are left inert

Like naughty pets

And kids moving up and down


In the world that imperialism owns

Human life has devalued

don’t give me attitude

I was born in solitude


O Uncle Sam!

Come listen to this empty words slam!

Your artillery spread my people’s blood

why can’t we smell the aroma of flower bud?

My eyes have dried up from crying my people


Wishing for world peace

No more killing no more hatred

No more crying or disaster

Full of hugs and laughter










I Write….



For the love of words,

I write.


Not to change the world,

But to enhance human rights.


I write to express my feelings

Because they still oppress my healing.

Slavery was once in the chains,

Neocolonialism is twice in the brains.


Oh blow! Blow dear hurricane!

Wash away all the warplanes.

My pen bleeds red ink,

Not like a soft drink,

But the blood of the East of Congo


I write to open up a case

Before money come to erase


I write not to be a journalist

Main medias don’t see my birthplace

Destroyed by the same capitalist

Those who claim superiority of their race.


My blank pages is spotted of red

cruor of innocents cries

The sunshine can make it dry

But 8 millions of my people are dead,

And my history remains unread


I dunk my feather in ink of gore

to express my bitterness,

Politicians sing a lullaby of deliverance,

The sluggish river of despairs floods.









Dime Maziba

Dime Maziba is originally from Democratic Republic of Congo. He considers himself pan Africanist and a disciple of Marcus Garvey. He is a poet, writer and activist. He is also an accountancy student from Durban University of Technology in the Republic of South Africa. He is currently taking part in the Florence Foundation, an NGO which strikes against women abuse and children illiteracy mainly, in the eastern part of Congo. His first poetry compilation is in the publishing process in “strong mind production in writing”.


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