May 17, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Ojo Taiye



I will write of this place someday



I will write of the home of no water and electricity.

the city of my birth,

the empty domes in lieu ivory tower,

the leeches on our farmlands,

And the giant porcupine that soils the water ways of my father’s cottage.

the rancid fragrance – plumes of soot,

that shrivels the heart of swains.


I will write of the manicured grass that grows impervious of the tragedy beneath, of the glorified house of blood, that pale my little brother of his chance:

all in the name of a deposit pence

of groaning birds,

fed with coated grains,

tangled in the web of fate.


I will write of the flowing ripples of Vietnam.

when it shouldered the weight of my paddle; and floated our cry for help beyond enemy lines; when this home away from home, became a morgue.


I will write of the avocado tree,

that shares its goodwill in skins of green flesh.

I will write of this place someday.












Inside the womb of the night

lies good story line

plots that are strands

of the past fused with

the present –

A rich tapestry for the future









Ojo Taiye

Ojo Taiye is a writer from Delta State, Nigeria. He is a graduate of Microbiology from Tansian University. Taiye has some of his muddled thoughts published in Kalahari Review, Lunaris Review, Ace world and so on.

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  1. Joyce Caines May 17, at 17:02

    I will write of this place someday and Untitled are gracious offerings from Ojo Taiye.Thank you for opening my eyes, ears and heart to Delta State, Nigeria.


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